‘I’m answering you!’ BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker blasted by MP over France’s migrant claims

Dan Walker grills Damian Hinds on ‘promised money’ for France

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BBC Breakfast was presented by Dan Walker and Sally Nugent on Monday morning and the duo welcomed Minister of State for Security Damian Hinds onto the programme. Walker grilled the MP about migration and recent claims made by the French government. However, Hinds hit back at the presenter during the heated interview.

Walker interviewed the MP about the number of asylum seekers crossing the English Channel and how dangerous the journey could be.

Hinds insisted: “Together with counterparts in France, we are working along the coast to deter these gangs, these criminals, who profit directly from putting people’s lives in danger by putting them in small unsafe craft across the English Channel.”

He went on to comment that he’d like to see “increased turn backs” of migrants attempting the crossing.

“France is a safe country. If you’re seeking asylum you should claim it in the first safe country you come to,” he said.

Walker asked the politician: “Would it help if we gave the French some of that promised money? The 54 million promised under the deal to tackle migrants.

“Because the French Interior Minister said at the weekend that not one Euro has been sent by the British government following that agreement.

“They say they’ve hired more officers, they’ve purchased technology, they’re trying to protect the border and yet that promised money from the UK he says not one Euro has gone their way. Why is that the case?” Walker questioned.

“Well, I mean, that’s an administrative question,” Hinds replied.

“But, you are the minister for security and borders so you’re probably the right person to ask, aren’t you?” Walker remarked.

Hinds swiftly hit back at the presenter: “Yes, and I’m answering you.

“So, that’s an administrative process to work out the exact kind of flows of money, exactly how that will happen and exactly when.

“That will happen. That’s as I say an administrative thing to figure out. It’s not a political question,” he insisted.

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