I’m A Celebrity’s most gruesome injuries – from fractured ribs to nasty gash

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! is arguably one of the most challenging reality shows contestants have the opportunity to join.

Over the course of three weeks, 12 unlucky contestants are pushed to their limits to complete a series of trials which task them with facing their phobias and eating the foulest food known to man.

This often includes being locked in enclosed spaces littered with snakes and spiders or forced to eat fish eyeballs and bull's testicles in an effort to win meals for their grumpy campmates.

And as this year’s contestants set up camp in Gwrcyh Castle once again, they have been forced to endure crippling weather conditions as well as the recent threat of trespassers sneaking on site.

But sometimes things take a dangerous turn on site and the celebrities are genuinely injured from horrifying accidents on the show.

From Joel Dommett slicing his head open to Kimberely Davies fracturing her rib as she jumped out of a helicopter, the star-studded cast have suffered some agonising injuries over the years.

As the series final draws to an end, let’s take a look at some of the grisliest injuries that celebrities have sustained while filming the ITV reality show.

Fractured Rib

Back in 2005 when the popular show was still in its infancy, former Neighbours actress Kimberley Davies suffered a fractured rib after she jumped a whopping 15 feet from a helicopter and hit a floating target in the water during a Bushtucker Trial.

The blonde bombshell was quickly rushed to hospital via an air ambulance after she was assessed by rescue divers and told she may have a hairline fracture to her rib.

According to the Independent, the actress was advised by medical staff before taking part in the challenge to keep her arms by her sides with her legs straight as she approaches the water.

The first jump she completed safely, but during her second round she brought her right hand up to her nose which meant her elbow was at a right angle when she entered the water.

Following her injury, ITV insisted producers had taken every precaution for the challenge as Granada added that the actress had been given a full safety briefing before she started the trial.

In a statement, the television company said: "Granada takes the health and safety of all celebrities and crew extremely seriously and, as is the case with all Bushtucker Trials, a comprehensive risk assessment had been carried out.

"The helicopter contractor has undertaken somewhere in the region of 3,000 such jumps without prior incident and have Civil Aviation Safety Authority approval.

"The contractor does this activity on a regular basis, training divers to jump from helicopter used in the Bushtucker Trial is typically that used for a person undertaking their first jump."

After she was looked over by doctors the star bravely returned to camp, but several hours in she dramatically left the show because she was in too much pain.

Sprained ankle

In 2018, John Barrowman was rushed to hospital with what he claimed to be a "serious injury" after he suffered a nasty fall while in the main camp.

As the actor stumbled as he walked over to wash up the pots with Harry Redknapp and screamed out in pain.

While he whimpered on the floor, his fellow campmates Nick Knowles and Malique Thompson-Dwyer helped to carry him away to the jungle medics who advised he should go to hospital for an X-ray.

The star spent the night in isolation but soon returned to the jungle the following day after he had been diagnosed with a sprained ankle which had been strapped up off site.

A source told The Mirror at the time: "John is back in camp and he was very keen to go back on the show as soon as he knew nothing was broken.

"We have heavily strapped his ankle for now and will be keeping a close eye on him."

They added: "This was not a case of trying to persuade him to stay or forcing him to go back, he was desperate to get back in there and carry on with his jungle adventure."

Luckily, John was able to power through the reality show and ended up finishing in a valiant third place after Harry was crowned king of the jungle.

Nasty burn

During James Haskell’s controversial appearance on the ITV reality show, he suffered a horrific burn after he scolded himself with boiling hot water.

The rugby star was carrying a bucket of hot water over to his campmate and reality star Caitlyn Jenner at the time but he slipped on the way and the steaming hot water poured all over his boot.

James, who sparked outrage from the viewers at home over his treatment of campmate Andrew Maxwell, cried out in pain as he rushed to take off his footwear.

Despite his blind panic, the sporting star was unable to get the boot off in time and his foot was completely burnt which blistered at the top.

He was also seen by medical professionals on site who treated the injury before he joined the rest of his contestants in the main camp.

He later told his fellow campers: "The hot water just slipped out and poured right into my boot.

"I couldn’t get my boot off in time and it’s blistered the front of my foot".

Chipped tooth

Last year during the first series filmed inside Gwrych Castle, opera star Russell Watson was left in excruciating pain after he chipped his tooth during his first trial on the show.

Alongside his fellow newbie Ruthie Henshall, the pair were covered in rotten tomatoes, maggots and fish guts.

For the task, Ruthie was put in the stocks and asked to read out one half of a joke as her partner Russell searched for the matching punchline hidden in a barrel of rotten food.

As the pair rushed to beat the timer, the singer hit his tooth so hard that he chipped it whilst also sustaining a nasty bang to the head.

But keen to carry on with the challenge, the vocalist quickly brushed off the injury in order to bring more stars home to camp.

After the completed the task, he chuckled about his sudden injury after Ant and Dec checked to see if the star was okay.

Russel replied that he was fine before Dec asked if he could whistle through his teeth when singing the classic song Nessun Dorma.

Sliced head

But it’s not just the campmates who get injured on the set of the show as comedian Joel Dommett proved when he had a sign smash into his head as he hosted Extra Camp back in 2018.

During a windy rehearsal run through of the show in the jungle, props began to blow behind the presenters including a wooden sign which hit him in the back of the head.

The hit left the star dazed and confused and when the medical team checked him over, they noticed his skin had split with an open wound on the back of his skull.

A source told The Mirror at the time: "The sign hit Joel with some force and he was rushed to hospital, he needed seven stitches and was given the day off to recover.

"We are delighted to say he is back on set now and will be on the show tonight."

Despite the concerning injury, the comic laughed off the experience and posted several snaps of his head bandaged up and reassured his loyal legion of fans that everything was okay.

He said in a statement later that day: "Unfortunately due to unforeseen windy circumstances blowing the set onto my head during rehearsals, I won't be able to present Extra Camp this evening.

"I have seven stitches like a big brave boy and I'll be back tomorrow. To be honest I'm less worried about my health and more worried that the show will be better without me.

"Half day off school to go home and watch neighbours! Woo!"

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