I’m A Celebrity feud brews as Janice jibes at Carol Vorderman

I’m a Celeb: Teaser promo for Thursday's episode

It’s been smooth sailing so far for the all-star cast in I’m A Celebrity…South Africa as ITV fans have seen the campmates all seem to get along.

Although the contraband scandal caused a small stir with Fatima Whitbread, there’s been no major bust-ups in the series since it started last week.

However, it looks as though that’s all set to change on Thursday’s instalment as former glamour model Janice Dickinson has had enough.

Fatima decides it’s time to change the chores around in camp, after being unhappy with how Joe Swash has been handling the fire.

During the night, the 62-year-old woke the actor up to get him to tend to the flames which were going down.

Swapping roles around the next morning, Fatima puts Jordan Banjo back on fire duty, which he was less than happy with.

He commented: “I had a good night’s sleep because I was no longer on fire duty… I woke up to Fatima saying: ‘Jordan I’m going to put you back on fire because it’s not going right.’”

Fatima insists: Everything’s got to work.

This prompted Janice to voice her issues with washing up as she claims to be doing it alone despite it being a job for both her and Carol Vorderman.

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Addressing the Countdown star, Janice fumed: “You just plopped those dishes down in the sink. I just went and did all the dishes.”

Sarcastically, Carol replied: “Did you? Oh well. Oh, great. Well done Janice.”

It looks as though this small spat is just the beginning between the two women as reports claim the duo came to blows a few times while filming the show last year.

A source told The Mirror things got heated during a discussion over the monarchy as Janice wants it to be abolished while Carol is a firm supporter.

The insider said: “It was a really explosive bust-up… Janice was effing and blinding.

“Janice can be quite abrasive and things got very heated. She said Carol’s views were old-fashioned and dated.

“Carol hit back that Janice was crass and obnoxious. She and Carol are both strong women with strong opinions. It was a personality clash that was bound to explode.”

I’m A Celebrity…South Africa continues weeknights on ITV from 9pm.

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