I'm A Celebrity 2021 – David Ginola, Naughty Boy and Adam Woodyatt will take on next trial as fans claim it's a fix

I'M A Celebrity viewers will be in for a treat tomorrow night as THREE campmates take on the next Bushtucker Trial.

Naughty Boy, David Ginola and Adam Woodyatt will be facing tomorrow’s challenge, Cells of Hell.

The trio will enter the castle jail where they will each be locked in a cell. They'll have to unlock stars while being coated in fish guts.

In tonight's episode, fans saw Naughty Boy and Matty Lee take on the latest trial Gruesome Gargoyles.

The pair smashed the trial and brought back 10 out of 11 stars for camp.

Naughty Boy, 40, has been voted for a number of trials so far.

Viewers were thrilled to hear that some new faces will be taking on the next challenge, but fans are convinced that it's a "fix" after Naughty Boy is voted for yet ANOTHER trial.

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  • Shan Ally

    Naughty Boys life outside the castle

    Outside the castle, Naughty Boy is a successful songwriter and has often expressed his love for his family, including dad Barkat Khan, who was a taxi driver in Watford where he grew up.

    The star moved in with his mother during lockdown after she suffered a stroke and has been her live-in carer ever since.

    He turned down I'm A Celeb in 2020 to take care of her, also joining the charity Dementia UK as an ambassador.

    In 2007, he won £44,000 on Deal Or No Deal and used the money to set up a recording studio in his parents' garden shed.

    He is now thought to be worth £2.2m from selling over 10 million records.

  • Shan Ally

    I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! latest odds

    • David Ginola – 2/1
    • Frankie Bridge – 4/1
    • Danny Miller – 9/2
    • Simon Gregson – 5/1
    • Naughty Boy – 6/1
    • Snoochie Shy – 14/1
    • Adam Woodyatt – 20/1
    • Louise Minchin – 33/1
    • Matty Lee – 33/1
    • Kadeena Cox – 66/1
    • Arlene Phillips – 150/1

    'IN LOVE'

    I'm A Celebrity fans are all saying the same thing after David Ginola serenaded Danny Miller with a sweet love song.

    The soap star – who is best known for playing Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale – has been very open about his "man crush" over the footballer, 54, with the rest of his campmates.

    During tonight's episode, their bromance was taken one step further when David started singing a love song to Danny around the campfire.

    Viewers of the show took to Twitter to discuss how the actor was gazing at him during the performance, and one even joked he was "in love".

    One simply wrote: "Danny's in love."

    A second said: "Just want someone to look at me the same way Danny Miller looks at David Ginola."

    • Shan Ally

      More setbacks?

      The show has faced numerous setbacks – with ITV axing it over the weekend after extreme weather conditions during Storm Arwen caused production difficulties at Gwrych Castle in North Wales.

      Saturday, Sunday and Monday's live episodes were cancelled, and the show returned on Tuesday – but not without fears it could be cancelled again if the bad weather returns.

      Bosses are facing the prospect they will again have to remove the stars from the Grade II-listed building after the Met Office warned Storm Barra was brewing.

    • Shan Ally

      High hopes

      I'M A Celebrity star Danny Miller's pal was behind the plane prank that saw a supportive message flown high above Gwrych Castle.

      The Sun can exclusively reveal that the banner backing Danny to win was the brainchild of Love Island's Scott Thomas.

      It was inspired by a similar stunt carried out by PrettyLittleThing boss Umar Kamani for his pal, and Scott's brother, Ryan Thomas when he was in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

      A source said: "Scott loves a stunt and is always game for a laugh. He wanted to to lift Danny's spirits and let him know how well he's doing and how much everyone loves him. It was all good harmless fun."

      The show's production crew were thrown into a panic after spotting the huge banner that said "Danny Miller to win".

    • Shan Ally

      'SO MEAN'

      I'm A Celebrity fans all had the same complaint after the stars won two mini eggs EACH after Arlene Phillips and Simon Gregson took part in the latest Castle Coin challenge.

      Viewers of the ITV show were in shock at how little the campmates were given after they won the sweet treats fair and square.

      But many fans took to Twitter to point out how unfair the number of eggs they got each.

      One wrote: "2 mini eggs? Absolutely ridiculous I'd rather not eat any as I'd just crave more."

      A second said: "2 only 2 mimi eggs – your so mean #ImACeleb."

      A third questioned: "Half a miniegg each?"

    • Shan Ally

      'IT'S HARD'

      I'm A Celebrity's Kadeena Cox has been hailed "inspirational" by tearful fans after she opened up about her battle with MS.

      Kadeena, 30, suffers from Multiple sclerosis and was seen talking to her campmates about the condition during Friday night's show.

      One said: "Kadeena openly speaking about living with MS on national tv & raising awareness of it is so inspiring, no doubt she will help and reassure others living with the condition."

      Another posted a 'crying' emoji and added: "Kadeena opens up to confidently about living with MS. Wow what an inspirational figure. We love you Kadeena, keep being brilliant."

      A third also shared the same emoji while writing: "Very brave of Kadeena to openly speak about her MS battle! You are very inspiring Such a horrible condition to have to deal with."

    • Shan Ally

      David's feeling 'homesick'

      After comforting an emotional Danny on Friday's episode, the Emmerdale star asked if David was homesick.

      He replied: "Oh yeah.

      "Everyday, everyday I'm more in love with my girlfriend. Every day I'm more in passion with my life. I can't wait to get out and tell them how much I have missed them."

      Hopefully the won't be feeling blue for too long!

    • Shan Ally


      Danny Miller broke down in tears on tonight's I'm A Celebrity as he missed his newborn son.

      The Emmerdale star, 30, became a first time dad just weeks before entering the castle and is struggling being away from Albert and fiancée Steph.

      Shedding some tears on his bed, he was joined by David Ginola, who did his best to comfort him.

      He said: "You have a lovely wife. You have a three week old baby boy, and you have to be strong for them as well.

      "You want to see your son, when your son watches the programme to say 'dad was strong. He's my idol, I want to look like him'. I know it's hard."

    • Shan Ally


      Frankie Bridge had a novel use for a tampon in tonight's show, and it left Danny Miller and viewers in hysterics.

      David Ginola's loud snoring had bedmate Danny up all night, and in the morning he quietly complained to Frankie and Snoochie Shy.

      Saturdays singer Frankie suggested he stick tampons in his ears as long as he was comfortable with it.

      It made Danny giggle as he imagined lying next to his boyhood idol with tampon strings hanging from his ears.

      Viewers were equally as amused, with one writing: "Tampons as ear plugs this we HAVE to see #ImACeleb."

      Another said: "Pour @DannyBMiller but I’d love to see him with tampons in his ears."

    • Shan Ally

      TAKE TWO

      I'm A Celebrity fans were left chuckling tonight after two massive blunders forced Ant and Dec into redoing their intro.

      The Geordie duo burst through the doors of Gwrych Castle in Wales to welcome viewers to the show when Dec's jacket buttons suddenly burst open.

      Dec said: "Hello, good evening, ooh I've just popped open my buttons!"

      A split-second later, Ant crashed into a tall candleabra and brushed his arm against a naked flame.

      Thankfully, his jacket did not catch alight but he exclaimed: "Oh no! I've hit a candle!"

      Dec quickly asked the I'm A Celeb crew: "Can we start again? Can we start again?"

    • Shan Ally


      I’M A Celebrity bosses have been blasted as “too soft” for not punishing smuggler Simon Gregson.

      The soap actor, 47, sneaked illicit salt and pepper into the camp, but has been “let off”.

      In the past, all campmates were placed on stricter rations if a celeb flouted the rules.

      But ITV chiefs have confirmed there will be no punishment for Simon’s violation.

      Former 2006 campmate Dean Gaffney, 43, agreed with fans who have called the show “easy”.

      He said: “In Australia, it’s a very different vehicle to what they’re doing now in North Wales.”

    • Shan Ally

      Cells of Hell

      Naughty Boy, David and Adam will be facing tomorrow's Bushtucker Trial.

      The trio will work together to bring home the stars.

      Tune in tomorrow to see how the boys get on at a slightly later time of 9.15pm.

    • Shan Ally

      Cells of Hell

      Ant and Dec arrive in camp to reveal who has been voted for the next gruesome challenge!

      It may be Adam.

      It might be David.

      It could be Naughty Boy.

    • Shan Ally

      Camp selfie!

      Frankie put her luxury gift to good use as the camp gathered round to take their first group selfie.

    • Shan Ally

      What luxury items have the campmates brought?

      Adam – a folding chair

      Louise – water bottle

      Naughty Boy- pillow with a personalised photo of his beloved mum

      Frankie – polaroid camera

      Arlene – hairbrush

      Kadeena – medicine ball

      Matty – sleep mask

      Simon – pillow with a personalised photo of his wife and kids

      Snoochie Shy – pillow with a personalise photo of her cat Magnum

      David – slippers

      Danny – photo of fiancé Steph and newborn son Albert

    • Shan Ally

      Pigeons a winner!

      Despite some initial fuss with cooking tonight's meal – the celebrities agreed that it was one of the best meals they've had so far.

      David said: "I think we'll all remember this dinner for the rest of our lives."

    • Shan Ally

      Real coo!

      After Naughty Boy and Matty Lee's superb win in the Bushtucker Trial – the camp were treated with pigeon.

      But some of the celebrities were gutted that they couldn't jump into help the camp chefs – Kadeena and Naughty Boy.

      Arlene was desperate to help with the cooking – but was told to relax and let the chefs take charge.

      Too many cooks…

    • Shan Ally

      Arlene and Louise have also won their luxury items.

      It's a full house!

    • Shan Ally

      Simon, Frankie and Naughty Boy have all won their gifts from home!

    • Shan Ally

      Teamwork is KEY!

      So far Kadeena, Matty, Snoochie, David, Danny and Adam have won their prizes from home.

    • Shan Ally

      Time for treats!

      The celebrities have a change to win luxury items.

      There are four locked safes and each contain three tokens – with each representing a luxury item.

      The campmates are given 200 keys to unlock the safes.

    • Shan Ally

      Kadeena Cox opens up about crippling multiple sclerosis

      Having an honest chat with Arlene, the former Strictly judge asked Kadeena about her multiple sclerosis condition.

      The Paralympian star explained that her multiple sclerosis is triggered by fatigue and she usually goes to bed to help ease the symptoms.

      She said that when she gets emotional she has more spasms, weakness, loss of control in arms and legs and she can struggle with her speech.

      Kadeena said she is a "part-time wheelchair user" and uses her wheelchair when she is out.

      But she also added that she "hates sympathy" and can often get judged.

    • Shan Ally

      The camp go wild for just TWO mini eggs each!

    • Shan Ally

      Nursery rhyme time!

      Arlene and Simon relive their favourite childhood rhymes.

      The Corrie star donned a Humpty Dumpty costume, while Arlene read aloud music notes from a book that he should play on a floor keyboard.

      The pair smashed the challenge and returned to camp with mini eggs.


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