How Trinny Woodall is queen of flashing as she champions ageing disgracefully with nip slips, bare bums and sheer tops

SHE made her name as the acid-tongued presenter of What Not To Wear, but these days Trinny Woodall is the one making fashion faux pas.

Yesterday the mum-of-one, 57, accidentally flashed her fans when her bra pinged off while trying on clothes during an Instagram Live.

But the London-born telly stylist and make-up entrepreneur took it in her stride, brushing it off as "only a nipple".

It's not the first time Trinny has given fans an eyeful – but for the body confident star, any criticism she attracts is like water off a duck's back.

She's certainly never been shy; she once promoted What Not to Wear, which she co-presented with Susannah Constantine – by placing two fried eggs over her boobs.

And it appears getting older has done little to dent her confidence.

Earlier this year she said she's happier than ever in herself, despite being 2st heavier than she was two decades ago after gaining weight while going through the menopause.

The 5ft 10in star told Lumity: "I really don’t give a s**t now. I only care if I have to go up yet another size in trousers.

"I’m now a size 12 and I used to be a size 8 – I was really thin – but my schedule was mental and totally erratic at the time."

She added: "Body-wise I also feel very comfortable in how I look. I’m so much more confident and happy in myself now I’m older.

"I think because I’m more sure of myself… Keep showing yourself off, as there’ll be a time when you really can’t any more.”

From wardrobe malfunctions to daring sheer encounters, here we reveal Trinny's top flash-ion moments.

Sheer delight

In February 2017, Trinny wore an eye-catching sheer lacy nude dress when she attended the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Her decision to ditch a bra meant she left little to the imagination.


In 2017, Trinny gave her Facebook followers more than just a fashion tip – when she went braless and flashed them on camera.

She was making a video blog about gym wear when she suffered the embarrassing wardrobe slip.

While trying to explain why women look better with tops tucked inside the waistband of leggings, she pulled up her own a little too far, showing off her right boob.

But she didn't even bat an eyelid.

Nip and tuck

Trinny was full of the joys of Spring in 2018, taking to the streets in a bright yellow top and pink polka dot trousers for a segment on This Morning.

But many viewers admitted to be being distracted by the presenter's decision to go bra-less on what appeared to be a chilly April morning.

Many couldn't help but comment on her thin top – but lots praised her, with one writing: "When you got something nice, flaunt it!"

Around the same time, Trinny said she doesn't like airbrushing because it's important people see "real women".

Dare to bare

In a video shared to her YouTube account in September 2018, Trinny chatted to fans about using "body hydrators" to keep your skin youthful and supple.

To match her holiday theme, she wore a beach wrap and again left her bra in its drawer.

Not only did the thin fabric make that choice very obvious, when she vigorously rubbed a lotion onto her body, Trinny gave her followers a cheeky glimpse of her nude undies.

Oh Lordy!

In May 2019, Trinny attended The Lord Mayor of Westminster's Under The Painted Sky Gala at London's Banqueting House.

Despite the formal occasion, she did little to hide her modesty, choosing a brown dress with turquoise flowers and a sheer top.

The frock did feature some rouched detailing, but it wasn't enough to cover up her nips.

Bum deal

Trinny's fans got more than they bargained for in April last year when her partner Charles Saatchi appeared naked in the background during a Facebook Live.

The 78-year-old businessman looked to be on his way to the shower when he wandered into shot.

Meanwhile Trinny, who was wearing an LED face mask, seemed oblivious.

The video was later taken down from her Facebook page, suggesting Charles isn't quite as comfortable being seen in the buff as his glamorous other half.

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