How many kids does The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon have?

MASKED Singer’s host Nick Cannon has three children with two different baby mamas.

Nick welcomed his latest child in 2017 with girlfriend Brittany Bell, who is rumored to be pregnant yet again.

How many kids does Nick Cannon have?

Nick Cannon, 40, has three children: Monroe, 9, Moroccan Scott, 9, and Golden "Sagon" Cannon, 3.

Monroe and Moroccan Scott are fraternal twins from his marriage to singer Mariah Carey.

Golden "Sagon" is Nick's latest child with partner Brittany Bell.

Mariah recently went on the Andy Cohen show Watch What Happens Live and discussed her life as a mom of two along with her new book that is being released.

The Grammy winner said: “[Moroccan] Rocky just got bullied the other day by a white supremacist person that he thought was his friend.

“It's like, insane. This is the world we live in,” she added.

Nick opened up about having biracial children to Access Hollywood and mentioned that he has had a discussion with them both about law enforcement encounters. 

"I try to teach fearlessness. I try to teach [them] that you have a power within you that you need to fear nothing," Nick began. 

"But when they see the energy of law enforcement, when, 'Uh oh, here comes the police,' or that mindset of sit up straight and 'Don't talk, keep your hands where they can see them,' these are things I'm talking to a 3-year-old about and our 9-year-olds about, and they bring those questions to me."

The host added: "I remember you know, growing up, there was an idea where one wanted to be a police officer … but now … it has definitely changed to where they perpetuate fear. 

“It's something that is hurtful to have those conversations with your children, but you want to protect them at the end of the day."

How many baby mamas does he have? 

Nick Cannon has two baby mamas. 

He tied the knot with Mariah in 2008 but filed for divorce in 2014.

They briefly reunited in 2015 but followed through with their separation and were formally separated a year later. 

Nick eventually began dating model and beauty pageant queen Brittany Bell during his split with Mariah in 2015.

The two were on and off for a while and she gave birth to their son while they were supposedly “on a break” back in 2017.

The pair reportedly split for good but they were spotted on November 9 holding hands leaving a restaurant in Malibu, California after celebrating her 33rd birthday.

Brittany also appeared to look pregnant, although it is unclear if the father of the child is Nick. 

Who are his exes? 

Nick used to date model Jessica White back in the summer months.

The two split in August just a few days after Brittany posted a photo of her baby bump on social media. 

Jessica did not explain as to why they split but alluded to “not being valued” in an Instagram post. 

She shared a comment on her Instagram saying: “Someone who values you, wouldn’t ever put themselves in a position to lose you.

“I’m so blessed, I’m whole, and ready to embrace a single life free from all baggage, I wish nothing but the best for @nickcannon,” she added. 

Jessica joked about being single now and wanting to date Brad Pitt writing: “But truly excited for the next chapter in my life. 

“Someone tag Brad Pitt and let him know I’m single and momma has an abundance of pure love to give!” she wrote, ending her post with, “Hahahahaha.”

Why was Nick Cannon fired from Viacom?

The rapper and show host was fired by Viacom CBS, as they cited him for “hateful speech” and anti-Semitic rhetoric. 

Nick sued the media conglomerate for $1.5 billion.

His television career has spanned more than 15 years with MTV and Nickelodeon, also ViacomCBS-owned, starting with his sketch comedy show Wild ‘n Out which aired from 2005.

He was also a chairman for Teen-Nick, which was a spin-off of the Nickelodeon channel for young kids and teenagers.

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