How many episodes are in Hollington Drive on ITV?

Hollington Drive: ITV releases gripping teaser for new thriller

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Hollington Drive has finally arrived on ITV with episode one making its debut tonight (September 29). The domestic TV thriller is set in the titular road and it follows a community torn apart by one tragic event. has all you need to know about how many episodes are in Hollington Drive.

How many episodes are in Hollington Drive?

The series will be airing weekly on Wednesdays on ITV, in a regular primetime 9pm slot.

After each episode has aired, it will be made available to stream online via the ITV Hub so fans can catch up.

The series is made up of four hour-long episodes, and at this moment in time, it is unclear whether there will be more to come.

The show is described as a miniseries, so the storyline will most likely be wrapped up at the end of episode four.

The four instalments were filmed in Wales and a synopsis has been provided for each one.

Episode one will introduce the close-knit community of Hollington Drive, including Theresa (played by Anna Maxwell Martin) and her sister Helen (Rachel Stirling).

Their lives may seem perfect on the outside, but when 10-year-old Alex Boyd (Hughie Hamer) goes missing from the street, families struggle to hold themselves together.

Worst of all, Theresa thinks her son Ben (Fraser Holmes) may have something to do with Alex’s disappearance.

Episode two will see Helen and Theresa piece together their children’s accounts of what happened on the day Alex went missing.

During a tragic discovery, a body is found and a fresh wave of horror washes over the residents.

The police investigation heats up and Theresa is convinced her son is holding back some vital information.

All the while, the individual characters are facing their own personal battles as they hold many secrets close.

Episode three sees tension rise as Theresa knows she has given false information to the police to protect her family.

Due to everything that has happened, the mother starts to withdraw from her family and this puts pressure on her relationships.

Ben later reveals he wants to go to the police about what happened in a shocking revelation.

Episode four, the finale, sees more of the children come forward with information about what happened to Alex.

The intrusive thoughts Theresa once had become confused as she discovers more about what happened.

Reaching the end of her tether, Theresa decides to take matters into her own hands, no matter the cost.

But will she be able to find out the truth behind Alex’s death, or will it remain a mystery forever?

Talking to and other media, writer Sophie Petzal explained how she came up with the concept.

Having a sister herself, she said she wanted to see the sibling relationship depicted more in dramas on screen.

The series is not based on a true story, but it was inspired by real events that sadly occur regularly in the real world.

She said: “The best dramas that we all really respond to have such a ring of authenticity.”

The series is focused on family dynamics and how communities create a veneer to protect themselves from the outside world.

Hollington Drive airs on Wednesdays on ITV at 9pm.

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