House with its very own cave in the basement goes on sale for $297,000

A good location, decent-sized bedrooms, a garden, a cave?

Your dream home checklist might not look exactly like this, but a cave would be an interesting bonus, wouldn’t it?

For $297,000 (£238,045), you could get just that – a three-bedroom house in Marietta, Pennsylvania, with its very own cave in the basement.

No, we’re not just talking about a basement room made to feel like a cave. This is an actual cave, with unfinished stone walls and slightly creepy steps down into the space.

What you would do with this cave is up to you.

You could make it into a wine cellar, or convert it into a home cinema… but honestly, we’d recommend keeping it as is – how many people get to offer a caving experience when guests come to visit?

The presence of the cave isn’t immediately obvious when you enter the house, so you could keep this as a surprise.

It lies behind a slightly coffin-like door in an otherwise very normal living room. Open that up and boom, you’re in a cave.

The rest of the property is pretty nice, too, if not as exciting as the basement.

On the ground floor is a large living space with exposed beams on the ceiling, ornate wood detailing, and even a stained glass window.

There’s a kitchen with sweet wooden cabinets, and a room that’s currently serving as a home office, complete with a fireplace.

Head upstairs and you’ll find three bedrooms to choose from, each with a decent amount of closet space, plus two bathrooms.

Mysteriously, one of the bedrooms has a large safe in the corner, one of the bathrooms has a rather strange sink with a waterfall-esque tap, and by the stairs is a vase on a ledge – we have no clue how the owners managed to get that there, or why that tiny shelf is a thing.

But really, who’s bothered about those quirks when you’ve got a cave to contend with?

The home was shared by Twitter account @zillowgonewild, where responses were… mixed.

‘I want this so bad,’ wrote one person. I bet sleeping in there is AWESOME.’

Another person, conversely, described the house as ‘kind of scream[ing] murder dungeon’.

Hey, one man’s terrifying murder dungeon is another’s dream home.

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