Holly Willoughby told ‘not how it works’ as she asks for Saturday Kitchen change

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This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby was told "this isn't how it works" as she appeared on BBC show Saturday Kitchen this weekend.

Holly, 40, appeared on the show to discuss her new book with Matt Tebbutt, and the conversation turned to her food heaven and hell, which each guest divulges on the series.

Holly revealed her heaven was chicken kiev but she can't stand tuna, leading to those being selected by Matt.

As Holly said the only seafood she can stomach is mussels, but she had to eat them in the dark, Matt said to her: "You're an odd one aren't you?"

Holly replied: "Really odd. That's why we should all cook chicken Kiev and forget all about this silly thing."

Matt laughed awkwardly before telling: "That's not how this works," as he then described the chicken meal.

Holly gasped as she said: "Let's stop right there. Let's not discuss hell."

Matt replied: "No we have to, because we have already prepared it," before saying he was going to try and replicate tinned tuna.

Luckily, Holly was happy to go with the flow as she seemed to resign herself to potentially trying a dish of confit tuna with cherry tomatoes and greenery.

Meanwhile, Holly opened up about why she decided to write a book, saying she felt like she needed to reconnect with herself after finding herself with more time on her hands.

She told Matt she meditates daily and uses crystals, but found she was unlocking emotions within herself, including anger.

Holly continued that she tuned into herself and made herself "un-numb", she started to feel angry, which sparked concern from her husband Dan.

She said: "I thought 'God this is awful', and my husband said to me 'Darling do you want to step away from that crystal because you're getting angry, I'm not sure this working for you.'"

However, Holly decided that everyone has got to deal with those emotions inside of themselves at some point in their lives, and so she wanted to lose them in a controlled way.

Saturday Kitchen airs on Saturdays at 10am on BBC.

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