Holby City spoilers: Serena arrested as hospital porters’ strike takes a dark turn

DISASTER strikes as Serena Campbell gets arrested TONIGHT (January 21, 2020) as she tries to save Jason’s job in Holby City.

Serena tries to stop Max McGerry’s plot to privatise hospital services but it all spiral out of control when the hospital porter’s strike takes a dark turn.

Last week on Holby City, Jac and Kian got a nasty surprise when they returned to the hospital to discover that Darwin Ward is in the grip of privatisation thanks to Max McGerry and her evil plans.

Kian agreed to do the pitch to save the hospital, but disaster struck when he collapsed in the midst of his battles to stop privatisation.

In tonight’s episode, it all kicks off as Sacha, Jac, Serena and Fletch join together to stop Max’s plot to privatise hospital services.

In scenes yet to air, Sacha gets quite excited by the situation and starts to invent codenames.

But it's clear Serena is more wary – she knows her name is already at the top of Max McGerry’s list and that she could be in trouble if she stands out.

Holby City fans know that Max immediately clashed with Serena after her arrival in town last October.

The consultant neurosurgeon declared war on Serena as they came to blows about who should take the reigns over the medical case they were both working on.

Later in the episode, Jason finds himself in deep trouble when he discovers that the new privatised porter company have stricter rules than under the NHS regime.

Jason is already on a warning and is threatened with dismissal after underestimating the policies.

With Jason on the edge, Serena steps in and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Later, AAU is set to be inspected by the CQC and everyone is filled with nerves.

Donna even gets out a new clipboard as they await the inspection with anticipation.

But when the porters announce their support of Jason and stage a protest in the reception, Max is seething – and is quick to blame Serena.

Serena tries to get Max to see reason and help call of the porters’ strike, but disaster strikes when Max refuses Serena decides to take action.

Serena's world then comes crashing down as she's arrested – how will she wiggle her way out of this one?

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