Here’s the reason Jess and Pjay leaft MAFS UK

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Jess Potter and Play Finch didn’t get off the best of starts on Married At First Sight UK (MAFS UK) after they were matched up on the show and she discovered her partner was a stripper for the Dreamboys, leaving her uncertain about whether she could go ahead with their relationship.

Despite bonding to a degree, it seemed both Pjay and Jess continued to have problems as they weighed up whether they could go the distance and if romance had blossomed since they’d first met on the Channel 4 reality series.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS UK

Why did Jess and Pjay leave MAFS UK?

After Jess learned Pjay was a stripper, she broke down crying but he suggested he was willing to change his career for her.

The dental hygienist from Cambridgeshire even told the camera crew how she felt she couldn’t go on their honeymoon because she didn’t want to “go out with a stripper”.

Jess added: “I don’t want to go in there, I literally want to go home.”

But Jess and Pjay did spend time getting to know one another and she even grilled her prospective husband about a potential future together.

She had asked him: “How am I going to build my life with someone with someone I don’t even b***** see?”

Jess was referring to his job, which meant he would have to work in the evenings and so they wouldn’t be able to share quality time together.

Adding: “And another thing I would say is, because I want kids in the future, I want to be with someone who can look after me during that time.”

Pjay later told the cameras: “My whole life I’ve had to try and explain what I do and it had affected past relationships, but I’d love it to work with Jess.”

He went on to say: “I’ll do what it takes. If that’s a case of quitting stripping, I’ll make it happen.”

Jess later admitted she felt “really bad” and said: “I do maybe think that he likes me more, but I’m not a horrible person.”

She continued: “I am not at that level yet. We are friends at the moment and hopefully, we can build on that, but I am not going to promise anything.”

Nonetheless, the pair did give their romance a chance but during their time together Jess said she was struggling to establish a romantic link with Pjay from Birmingham.

Although both of them admitted they shared similar values and did get on well, Jess still found it tough to trust Pjay because of the screaming fans his job brought.

Pjay accepted Jess’ decision, knowing this was not only the end of the road for them but their time on the show.

He also said his decision was based on what Jess wanted and if she felt they could give their connection a chance.

Both Jess and Pjay seem to have left things on a positive note with the pair still following each other on social media, suggesting there are no hard feelings between the two of them.

Since leaving the show, Pjay is still working on The Dreamboys and will often share snaps and videos from the racy show.

He has also shared some photos of his family on social media, along with some snaps from MAFS UK.

Most of his social media feed consists of shots of his impressive physique.

While Jess shared some images from her time on the series, including one shot of herself, which she captioned: “The truth is out! I MARRIED A STRANGER!

“All will be un-veiled in brand new Married at First Sight UK coming soon to E4 and All 4. #MAFSUK @e4mafsuk #marriedatfirstsightuk @e4grams #e4grams.”

Married At First Sight UK airs on E4 Mondays to Thursdays

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