Harry and Meghan are callous and unkind after sacking loyal staff – and only care about increasing their own wallets

SO I usually hate to say I told you so, but in this case I will: Harry and Meghan’s exit from the UK is not a separation, it’s a fully-fledged divorce.

Their decision to sack all 15 of their loyal staff members, revealed today by the Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English, shows you a lot about this couple’s feelings, both towards the UK and the Royal Family.

But beyond that it shows a certain callousness, a lack of loyalty and a desire to put their own needs ahead of those around them. Not very good traits for a Prince and Duchess who spend their time preaching to the rest of us about all sorts of things, but especially the need to be kind.

They certainly weren’t kind to their private secretary Fiona Mcilwham, who has only recently been appointed to the role from a successful career as diplomat at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Diplomatic is one thing Harry and Meghan are most certainly not.

They weren’t kind to their hot shot young social media star David Watkins, who left a glamorous and lucrative career at the fashion label Burberry to make their Sussex Royal Instagram page a sensation. He’s done just that, but now he’s out of work a few months later.

They weren’t kind either to their highly successful communications boss Sara Latham. A woman who has had a glittering career working for Hillary and Bill Clinton, Tessa Jowell, Microsoft and PR giant Freuds before joining as Harry and Meghan’s most senior PR professional.

I speak from personal experience when I say Sara tried her absolute best to do what was right for both the couple and the Royal Family.

But Harry and Meghan instead chose to take advice from a dodgy bunch of Hollywood power players, self-promoting celebrities and social media influencers, who didn’t give a fig about the fact these two were publicly funded senior royals with a responsibility to Queen, Crown and Country.

And that’s the fundamental problem here.

Harry and Meghan wanted out because they don’t care anymore about that responsibility. Their priority has become themselves.

Now you could say: Good on them. They have every right to make a billion pound fortune, fly on private jets and mingle with the super wealthy.

And I guess that’s true. But can we please all just stop pretending that Harry and Meghan are on a crusade to improve the human race and focus on good causes.

As their unedifying recent activities prove they are actually on a crusade to increase the size of their own wallet.

Why else would the first companies they be publicly connected to since leaving the Royal Family be JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs?

As I wrote in my column in The Sun today, I am now genuinely worried for The Queen and so are the courtiers around her.

At 93-years-old, the monarch – the world’s greatest living woman in my opinion – deserves so much more than this type of unnecessary stress from self-serving younger relatives.

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