Gutto Harri quits GB News claiming it is ‘absurd parody’ in taking the knee row

Presenter Guto Harri has resigned from GB News hitting out and saying that the channel is an "absurd parody" after the taking the knee row.

The TV host was recently suspended from his job after he took the knee live on the programme which sparked much debate.

GB News issued a statement of apology last week, outlining that the gesture had breached their standards.

However, on Friday former UKIP leader Nigel Farage joined the network telling viewers he "will not be taking the knee for anyone".

The Guardian, who claim to have seen the resignation letter written by Harri, have explained that the newsreader wanted answers from the organisation over Farrage's statement.

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According to the broadcasting giant he is said to have asked the organisation to "please explain how that [Farage's stance] does not breach editorial standards but I did".

Harri wrote in The Sunday Times that he'd joined chairman Andrew Neil's team because he'd "liked and trusted those in charge and supported the broad vision".

Although he now claims the station was "rapidly becoming an absurd parody of what it proclaimed to be".

According to the presenter who was once an aid to Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was Mayer of London, he'd sought out approval from officials at the channel before he took the knee on air.

He penned: "GB News captured the moment and proudly cascaded it through social media.

"Watch five minutes of the channel and you'll see how presenters are encouraged to speak freely, confront sensitive subjects, engage in difficult debates and make a case.

"However, what followed was a tsunami of disappointment, resentment and hate.

"Old friends were amused to see me described as woke and Marxist. By Thursday night, the boss called and I'd been taken off air for the summer."

The gesture didn't sit well with many viewers – many of which were threatening to not tune in again.

GB News was forced to take action after the programme reportedly received zero viewers after fans followed through with their pledges.

The figures were recorded the day after Harri's actions, which led to widespread condemnation across social media platforms.

In a statement the channel later admitted: "We let both sides of the argument down by oversimplifying a very complex issue."

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