Good Morning Britain was the most complained about show in lockdown with more than 9,000 Ofcom complaints

GOOD Morning Britain received 9,019 Ofcom complaints in lockdown, making it the most complained about show on telly.

Piers Morgan's explosive clash with Health and Social Care minister Helen Whately was the biggest offender, with more than 3,200 complaints.

The host was also accused of bullying and received 712 complaints for his interview with MP Victoria Atkins.

While his fiery chat with Health Secretary Matt Hancock garnered 600 complaints.

The bruising encounters led to the Conservative party banning ministers from appearing on the show; a boycott that is creeping towards the 200 day mark.

Nearly 300 complained after Tory MP Andrew Bridgen was grilled by Piers over the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Most complained about GMB moments

Piers Morgan vs MP Helen Whately: 3,200

Piers Morgan vs MP Victoria Atkin: 712

Piers Morgan vs MP Matt Hancock: 600

Piers Morgan mocking Boris Johnson: 397

Piers Morgan vs MP Andrew Bridgen: 281

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid accused of rudeness: 264

Potty-mouthed barber interview: 125

And the presenter sparked more than 390 complaints for mocking PM Boris Johnson and comparing him to scarecrow Worzel Gummidge.

Hundreds more were left unhappy after his clash with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani as well as when his potty-mouthed barber swore repeatedly during an impassioned interview.

Piers and his co-star Susanna Reid were accused of being rude to guests during a run of episodes in June, with hundreds more contacted the broadcasting regulator.

Research from Buzz Bingo shows that of all the Ofcom telly complaints made in lockdown, some 40 per cent were to do with GMB.

Despite all the complaints, Piers has been cleared of any wrongdoing on the show, although he did admit to taking some of his political interviews too far.

The next most complained about programme was Sky News with 1,522 complaints while This Morning received 1,373.

The BBC handles its own complaints but 870 still complained to the regulator after the use of a racial slur in a news report.

The Corporation's in-house team received 18,600 complaints after BBC social affairs correspondent Fiona Lamdin uttered the N-word when reporting on an attack on musician K-Dogg.

More than 23,000 also complained about a Newsnight opening monologue criticising Dominic Cummings for breaking the government's lockdown rules.

However, all the above figures were recently dwarfed by Britain's Got Talent after it became the most complained about show in the last decade.

Close to 28,000 have complained about the show this year, with the bulk of them for Diversity's controversial BLM routine.

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