Gogglebox’s Tom Malone sparks concern as doctors say ‘make lifestyle changes’

Gogglebox viewers became concerned after fan favourite Tom Malone Senior popped on screen with an injury.

He sat with his wife Julie and their two children Vanessa and Shaun as they prepared for a night in front of the nation’s most popular television shows.

Tom spoke to Julie about his ailment: “Got to rest this a bit now Julie. Take it easy. I can’t be doing any housework or heavy lifting, they said that to me. Definitely no housework, rest my arm.”

He continued: “She said: ‘You should take it easy, make sure you get looked after,’ that sort of thing.”

Julie sarcastically quipped: “Didn’t you tell her that you get looked after anyway, regardless of your arm? You get cups of coffee whenever you want, you get your meals brought in on a tray.”

Tom, who was sat on the sofa opposite wearing an orange t-shirt and cradling a cast, joked that he “needed looking after” because he is “an injured puppy” who has to “sit here and watch telly”.

Julie laughed and claimed that is his “usual” hobby before Tom claimed the doctors had told him to make “lifestyle changes”.

However, worried fans took to social media to speculate over what could have caused Tom’s injury.

A concerned viewer wrote: “Oh my God, what happened to Tom’s arm?”

Another urged him to “take it easy” while one compared him to Napoleon.

The cast watched Hunted, Bake Off: Professionals, Love in the Jungle and Top Of The Pops.

Abbie and Georgia left fans fuming after they referred to a clip from 1992 as “the olden days” and called the video “ancient”.

As Boney M played whilst BBC aired a 30 year old clip from TOTP, the pair wondered whether they should have been watching “in black and white”.

The last episode of the most recent Gogglebox series has been aired and fans will have to wait until the next series to get their dose of witty banter from the cast.

They begin filming again in September but some viewers can’t seem to wait and tweeted out that they “couldn’t believe” the series had already come to an end.

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