Gogglebox’s Dave and Shirley explain why they haven’t met any of their co-stars

Dave and Shirley Griffiths joined popular Channel 4 series Gogglebox in 2015 and soon became firm favourites with fans of the show.

The couple, who have been married for 46 years, never fail to put a smile on viewers’ faces as they give their opinions on the week’s television from their home in Caerphilly, South Wales.

We recently caught up with the comical couple and, as well as admitting that they get "a little bit drunk" while filming the show, Dave and Shirley revealed that they haven't met any of their co-stars and explain why.

Keep reading to find out more about their "lovely experience" on the programme, what happens with filming and which shows they can’t stand to watch…

Hi Dave and Shirley! How does Gogglebox get shot and what do you eat and drink when filming?

Dave: The crew turn up on a Sunday and then we normally kick off about 3pm. That gives them time to set up. But unfortunately, because of Covid, over the last two years we’ve [had things set up] from outside, for safety reasons. In regards to food, we have a sandwich, or something like that. Gogglebox also offer us a meal, if we want one. We don’t bother with that really.

Shirley: We just buy what we want and they pay for it!

Dave: We get some snacks in as we’ve got a pretty long watch. Things like crisps, nuts, chocolate…

Do you ever watch Gogglebox back to see yourselves on it?

Dave: Shirley is an avid viewer of it. Yeah, she loves it!

Shirley: Yeah, I watch every single episode back. I watch the celebrity version, too. I like the celebrities. It’s my favourite programme of them all. We like doing the show. With our lovely crew, we work for lovely people. Sometimes me and Dave have a little bit too much… We get a little bit drunk!

Do you like to stick to certain seats or do you ever swap around?

Shirley: That’s the position we always sit in anyway. I sit on the side that I’m on and Dave sits the other side. We always have!

Have you met any of the other Gogglebox cast members?

Shirley: I spoke to Jenny [Newby] and Lee [Riley]. I saw them when I went to the National Television Awards and you know, just waved. But no, we don’t meet.

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Dave: No, I’ve spoken to them on social media – wished them happy birthday, and they posted different things which I commented on. And we’ve had replies from them. But it’s funny, having never met them. I suppose like the rest of the nation, you feel as though you know them anyway. It’s a weird setup!

Do you ever have disagreements about certain TV shows?

Dave: Well, more of less, Shirley’s in control of the remote!

Shirley: We do have some disagreements. You don’t like what I like, but I always win, don’t I?

Holly Willoughby recently said she loves watching Gogglebox. Do you ever feel under pressure knowing that celebrities watch you?

Dave: No. I feel so relaxed, as if nobody is watching us. I forget about the crew half the time.

Shirley: We have lovely people who come into our house. It’s like being part of a big family.

Dave: People have said to me, a lot of what you say is preempted, which is absolute nonsense.

Do you ever worry about things you’ve said about a TV show or things you’ve done during filming?

Dave: I’ve had it where I’ve thought, “Should I have said that?”

Shirley: Swearing. I think, “Oh, I shouldn’t have said that!” Sometimes you just forget.

With shows like Naked Attraction, do you find it funny to watch or are you horrified?

Dave: We’re in stitches!

Shirley: The thing is, it can be a bit embarrassing. Dave is quick to make a comment!

Dave: What tickles me is Shirley talks as if she was in the same convent as Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music !

It sounds like a fun experience…

Dave: Oh, it is. The show has come into our lives and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s genuine and we’ve always been treated fairly. It has been a lovely experience.

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