‘General Hospital’ Wrap Up: Nelle Gives Brad Every Reason To Be Nervous

Here is the daily wrap up for Monday’s ‘General Hospital.’

Nelle Hayes may only be making a short visit on General Hospital this week, but that certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t wreak a little havoc in the process. She started out with trying to play on Michael’s emotions once again and ended up messing with Brad as well.

Nelle’s Warning

As if Brad isn’t nervous enough these days, Nelle proves that she is in charge even while behind bars. Once she spotted baby Wiley in Brad’s arms, she suddenly goes into mother mode. She lets Brad know that she hasn’t forgotten about her child.

Nelle is good at what she does and Monday’s General Hospital proved that once again. Before she is taken back to her prison cell, Nelle gives Brad a warning that sends chills up his spine.

“There’s nothing stronger than the bond between parent and child. Cheer up, Brad. You never know, if I play my cards right, the judge might grant me an early release for good behavior.”

Chase was standing behind the pair taking the scene all in. This may just get him in his detective mode to find out what is up between those two. Nelle has also managed to play on Michael’s emotions again. He went back to Sonny’s wondering why Nelle meant that they would be connected forever. He figured it was because of the loss of baby Jonah.

The Bromance of Drew and Franco

As General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps suggested, Drew confided in Franco about his memories. He starts off by saying how much he wants to be able to give Oscar some of his past history. He is still contemplating giving in to Margaux and tells Franco about the chance of getting his memories back.

Drew admits that he could put Jason and Sonny away for good, but that would trickle down to their loved ones, and ultimately Sam. He wanted to know what Franco would do in his situation. Franco admitted that he and Jason have sort of become friends, or at least came to an understanding. Drew later heads over to talk to Sam.

These two men on General Hospital have begun something of a bromance. Their friendship is easy, fun, and great since neither one of them really has very many friends in Port Charles. Keep it up!

The Rest of Port Charles

Liz and Sam talk about Drew. Sam was at first offended by what Liz had to say, but they ultimately agreed that they both need to pull together for Drew.

Laura is starting to irritate Ryan, so he heads over to Ferncliff to taunt his brother. Kevin finds out that Laura is back home and living with his serial killer twin. Ryan gives the impression that he and Kevin’s wife are living as husband and wife in every way. This may be just the thing to give Kevin the extra incentive to escape the place.

Lulu and Charlotte visit with Laura. Charlotte is as sweet as ever, but Lulu is crying to her mother over Dante being away at the worst time. This may go on for weeks, even months.

Next on General Hospital

Guess who’s back? It’s Spencer Cassadine who shows up with flowers for his grandmother. Also, Ryan and Ava have drinks together, while Drew shows up at Sam’s door for a chat. Jason gets some help from Monica as well.

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