'General Hospital' Spoilers For Wednesday: Halloween Brings Flirting, Fun, And Some Ominous Moments

People throughout Port Charles will be celebrating Halloween during Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital and spoilers hint that there are both tricks and treats on the way. The weekly sneak peek has hinted that Ryan may claim a new victim and all signs point toward this being Mary Pat. While viewers wait to see if that’s what happens, teasers suggest that there’s a lot of other developments on the horizon.

The Wednesday preview shared via Twitter shows that fans will get plenty of scenes that contain sparks of romance. Jason and Sam will somewhat breathlessly wish one another a Happy Halloween, and Kiki and Griffin will exchange some playful banter as she asks if he might be heading back to work soon. In addition, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Peter will be dressed up and ready to attend the fundraiser and he’ll ask Maxie to accompany him.

Viewers will see a heartfelt chat between Elizabeth and Laura, as Liz encourages her former mother-in-law in her quest to become the next mayor of Port Charles. Wednesday’s episode is also going to have yet another run-in between Kiki and Ava and it looks like it’ll be ugly.

Fans know that after Mary Pat blackmailed “Kevin,” Ryan started to walk after her with a nasty-looking hook in his hand. While he may well kill her off to avoid being exposed by her, SheKnows Soaps details that Ryan will be setting his sights on Ava in some way with this October 31 episode.

The writers have been slowly developing this Ava and Ryan dynamic and there have been rumors swirling that Kiki may soon be killed off. Fans suspect that Ryan may kill Kiki and frame Ava, or manage to get Ava to do it, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s nothing good on the way when it comes to Ryan’s influence over Ava. From the sounds of things, Ryan’s evil plans related to Ava will take a step forward during this Halloween show.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Franco will embrace his chance to support the kids in the Halloween party he’s put together. In addition, viewers will get to see a bit of Felicia and Mac as they join Laura in her campaign.

The November sweeps period has officially started and fans want to see big developments over these next few weeks. Viewers have been frustrated with the direction the writers have been taking in recent months and everybody is looking to see if the writers can step up their game with big storylines during the coming month.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they become available and don’t miss Wednesday’s Halloween episode to see who gets spooked.

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