Gemma Collins tucks into KFC after losing three stone in weight by going vegan – The Sun

GEMMA Collins has ditched the vegan life in favour of a finger lickin’ good KFC meal.

The star, who has lost three stone since giving up meat and dairy, couldn’t resist tucking into the chicken, gravy, beans and chips after dieting all week.

The GC is just like the rest of us and when Friday rolls around you need to have a bit of what you fancy, and for Gemma it’s a takeaway.

Despite being a strict vegan since the beginning of the year, the 39-year-old put that to one side as she posted an Instagram Livestream of herself eating a boneless banquet with her family.

The reality star looked pretty excited about the fast food chain being back open for business after closing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She exclaimed: “Boneless banquet, this is the one. Unbelievable.”

Gemma continued detailing the meal she was about to tuck into, telling her fans: “KFC chips are unbelievable. So good. I'm going to have another bit of popcorn chicken.

“When you've been dieting all week, you need a treat. What are these guys? Oh spicy wings, yeah baby. Corn on the cob.”

The video was shared to Twitter and Gemma's fans were thrilled with the reality star ditching the vegan diet and chowing down on some chicken covered in 11 secret herbs and spices.

One wrote: "Why is she so funny ffs"

While another penned: "This just makes me so so happy."

And a third gushed: "love her"

The GC, who took over @deliveroo’s Instagram account for a live Q&A today, previously said about her healthy eating: "I’ve been concentrating solely on my health recently and feel so much better because I have had TIME!!!!! Yes TIME !!! to focus on it.

"No eating out and having to cook from scratch. I do have Saturdays off to have whatever I want however use the next 3 weeks wisely, keep a positive mindset try and stick to routine in the week I find it helps."

Last year, Gemma revealed she'd gradually lost over three stone and aimed to lose a further three to bring her down to a size 16.

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