Gemma Collins strips naked to burn off fat in a freezing cryotherapy machine

GEMMA Collins is going to extreme lengths to get in shape – stripping naked to burn off fat in a freezing cryotherapy machine.

The Towie star filmed the treatment for fans on Instagram as her body was plunged into -200 degrees temperatures.

The treatment sees the body exposed to very low temperatures and is favoured by top footballers as it helps the regeneration of muscles and is believed to boost the immune system.

Gemma, 40, screeched and squirmed as she stood in the cryotherapy chamber for a minute.

Hopping from side to side the brave star sang Jason Derulo songs to distract herself from the horrific cold.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, she said: "YES IM NAKED 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 🤣 MINUS !!! 180 !!!!! SUNDAY HEALTH HEALING MY BODY !! @icehealthcryo_spa HALLA is the best at burning the FAT in her CRYO MACHINE!!!"

Gemma followed the session by using a lymphatic draining machine.

Her followers were intrigued, as one said: "@gemmacollins I need this in my life!! If I can lose inches 🤣"

Another shared: "I would be scared I would get stuck or something lol"

As one more said: "Gemma hi ya yer such an inspiration yer always happy and bubbly,and btw you look great 🔥 💯"

Cryotherapy involves the application of sub-zero temperatures to treat diseased or dead tissue.

For tailored treatments, it can be applied via a spray gun or cotton swabs to certain parts of the body.

A whole-body treatment involves getting into a body-sized capsule – up to your neck – while liquid nitrogen is pumped into the air, cooling the entire chamber to -200°C.

Argon gas is sometimes used, but nitrogen is the most common in cryotherapy.

Celebrities and athletes are known to use cryotherapy.

A-listers Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Daniel Craig are all reported to have used the treatment.

The James Bond actor is said to have used cryotherapy in the lead up to his role as the 007 agent in Skyfall.

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