GB News uproar over claims Meghan and Harry ‘milking Diana’s legacy’

Prince Harry ‘milking Diana’s legacy’ says June Slater

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Royal expert June Slater spoke with Mark Dolan during his GB News show on Wednesday night about the latest claims from Prince Harry. The pair discussed whether the Duke of Sussex “should let his mother rest in peace” ahead of the release of his tell-all book, Spare, which will hit shelves next week.

“But what would Diana make of all of this because, you know you’re a student of human nature, June,” Mark began.

“I watch all of your videos and Harry, you mentioned you said the couple are angry and Harry is not a well bunny, is he?”

“Well, he’s been manipulated,” June claimed. “She’s [Meghan] a strong woman.

“You know Diana wasn’t a strong woman. Diana was a lovable woman.

“Diana was a very attractive woman with a good nature in the wrong family.

“She wasn’t allowed to grow and suddenly we lost her very young.

“I was actually in St Tropez at the same time she was. We went passed Dodi’s villa and they were out on a jet bike.

“After she got killed, we went around the shops of St Tropez and people were absolutely heartbroken.”

June continued: “I was sad, everybody was sad, we loved her. We never felt like this about anyone ever.”

Taking aim at Harry and Meghan, the expert fumed: “And unfortunately, this couple that are very average in what they do, are milking this woman’s legacy.

“They’re milking it and that’s not on for me. I don’t know what Diana would have made but I think Diana would have seen through Meghan Markle.”

June’s comments sparked a strong reaction from viewers, with many taking to social media to air their frustrations.

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Paul Nelson penned: “His mam, maybe but it’s his mam. Leave him be on this one,” while user @Smc78Ste went on to fume: “Have a day off will you?”

“I’m sure your opinion has Meghan quaking in her boots (!),” Emma J tweeted.

While Tracey Bennett pointed out: “It’s his Mom, he has every right to talk about her, you’re obsessed with them, its getting boring try reporting on the real things going on, WEF global take over for a start.” (sic)

As Pat Gavin pleaded: “How about we stop talking about them.”

Although some viewers agreed with June, as Simon wrote: “June has a point. I’m currently watching the documentary and have some sympathy for them, but they are clearly milking it.”

“I loved your comments on the show,” user @championofwomen agreed.

“I can’t get over how he belly aches about his mother, then attack his brother, the one thing his mother would hate. Meanwhile, where are his thoughts on the two people who ruined his mothers’ life!”

Tonight Live with Mark Dolan airs daily from 11pm on GB News.

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