Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon defends Prince George cartoon backlash ‘Up to the audience’

The Prince: Iwan Rheon discusses ‘controversy’

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Iwan Rheon portrays Prince William in the Royal parody which centres on the various misadventures of seven-year-old Prince George, voiced by the show’s creator Gary Janetti. Released on HBO Max back in July, the new adult animation from one of the writers of Family Guy has already received considerable backlash before even airing in the UK.

The former Game of Thrones star defended satirical cartoon The Prince in an interview on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

There to promote his upcoming dark comedy film, The Toll, Iwan Rheon leapt to the show’s defence when host Charlotte Hawkins asked him about his voice role as Prince William.

Rheon maintained it was up to the viewers to decide how they felt about the series after it was criticised as being an unfair depiction of the Royal Family by some audiences and critics.

Charlotte asked him: “What do you feel about playing that and how was it?

“It’s a story about Prince Louis, of course, that not everyone was keen to see, were they?”

The Game of Thrones star first had to correct Charlotte, reminding her the series was about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest son, George.

He continued, tactfully: “But I think it’s up to the audience to decide what they feel about something.

“I guess it’s about the themes, about the writer. It hasn’t aired in Britain.”

So far, all 12 episodes of the animated sitcom have been released exclusively on the US streaming service HBO Max.

However, The Prince could face even more backlash once it’s eventually made available to audiences in the UK.

A UK release date and channel has yet to be confirmed, though HBO series often make their way over to NOW or Sky some months later.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only correction Rheon had to make during his ‘awkward’ interview with GMB.

He was left baffled when Charlotte incorrectly claimed the Ramsay Bolton star had expressed interest in appearing on Eurovision.

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Rheon also had to correct her and co-host Ranvir Singh when they asked about a recent performance with his band.

“It was just me,” the Thrones star had to clarify.

“It was on Sunday, it has happened. But it’s just me on my own, playing some songs I’ve written.”

GMB’s research had apparently failed to find the date of his son’s birthday as well, adding up to a confusing interview a number of viewers found difficult to watch.

“@GMB could the interview have been more poorly researched with IWAN RHEON,” said one Twitter user.

“Full of mistakes with what he has been doing and when he was doing it. You even got his child’s birthday wrong! Very poor.”

Thankfully, Rheon remained level-headed throughout and may have even managed to convince some sceptics to check out The Prince when it’s finally released to the UK.

Game of Thrones seasons 1-8 are available to stream on NOW.

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