‘Full House:’ Why Did Becky Call off Her Engagement With Uncle Jesse?

Rebecca and Jesse were in love. Just like he told his then-girlfriend, when Jesse set his mind to something, there was nothing stopping him. That includes a wedding. Here’s what we know about the first time that these Full House characters tried to tie the knot.

Jesse and Rebecca had something important to say during the ‘Luck Be a Lady’ episode

The Tanner family was headed to a casino for a new episode of Wake Up, San Francisco. Jesse wanted to make this vacation extra special for his girlfriend, Rebecca. His plan, he told Joey and Danny, was to say the three words every woman longs to hear.

“Honey, I’m wrong,” Joey joked.

It wasn’t that. It was “I love you.” When Jesse finally said it to Rebecca, she shared that she loved him, as well. On a whim, Jesse said they should get married. Right now. Surprisingly, Rebecca said yes.

The couple planned a secret wedding at the ‘Fabulous Ali Baba Hotel & Casino’

Complete with their spontaneous plan, these two had only a few days to get the wedding rings and for Rebecca to find a dress. Although they wanted it to be a secret, Stephanie and DJ figured out what the couple had planned.

The Tanners crashed the event. However, after hearing how in love the couple was, however, they showed their support. Unfortunately, the more time Rebecca and Jesse spent at the alter, the more they released how different they were.

It wasn’t until it was time for Rebecca to say “I do” that the character thought it was a bad idea. Rebecca told her fiancé she couldn’t do it and ran out of the chapel. Later in the episode, the two talked and decided they were still in love, but they would wait longer to be engaged and get married.

Uncle Jesse and Rebecca said ‘I Do’ during ‘Full House’

After attending a party for Jesse’s Greek family, Rebecca and Jesse got engaged again. After planning the perfect cake, venue, and hairstyles for several episodes, the two finally got married during the season 4 episode titled “The Wedding (Part 2.)”

There were a few hiccups on their wedding day, police arresting Jesse after he jumped from a plane and crushed some tomatoes included. However, these two eventually became husband and wife, having twins Nicky and Alex together.

As fans learned from the spinoff series Fuller House, moving into their own place. The couple even adopted a daughter, Pamela “Pam” Katsopolis, named after Jesse’s late sister.

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