Friends tan joke where Ross asks Puerto Rican to 'look like him' axed from TV

A New York TV network has reportedly cut a scene from Friends where Ross Geller tells a tanning technician he ‘wants to go as dark as him’.

The season 10 episode, aptly titled The One With Ross’s Tan, sees the show regular head to the tanning salon in a bid for a healthy glow.

When talking to the technician, he’s told there’s three levels of tan available, and what level he’d prefer.

Ross then tells him: ‘Well, I like how you look, what are you?’

The unimpressed technician then shoots back: ‘I’m Puerto Rican.’

Seemingly realising his error, Ross then backtracks quickly and settles on getting a ‘two’ – only for it to then go memorably wrong as he’s sprayed on his front twice after failing to turn around in time.

The scene cut was noticed by eagle-eyed fans online, who tuned into watch the episode on Pix11, a local channel in New York.

On the channel, the show returns from a commercial break to Ross and the technician walking into the tanning room together.

This means the moment where they stop outside to talk, and where Ross makes the comment, has been cut out.

The to-the-wire joke, some claim, was simply edited out to make way for more commercial time on the network. has contacted Pix11 for comment and clarification.

It’s since been noted by fans on Reddit that it’s still available on HBO Max in the US, with the UK’s Netflix not editing the scene out either.

This latest snip from the show comes as a series of networks and services have opted to pull programmes that have racist connotations and content.

Little Britain has been removed from Netflix, Britbox and BBC iPlayer for its use of blackface and yellowface in the series from Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Gone With The Wind, which is based in the American South and contains racist language and behaviours, has also been removed from HBO Max, with plans for it to return with a new warning plate for its content.

Friends is available on Netflix in the UK and HBO Max in the US.

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