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TYRONE Dobbs is getting the mother of all shocks as Evelyn and Cassie Plummer return to the cobbles.

But is tension brewing for the mechanic on Coronation Street? Here's what you need to know about all the potential drama for this week.

1. Family secrets unravel

Tyrone Dobbs (played by Alan Halsall) was anxious when his wife Fiz left Corrie for Norwich earlier this year for a new job opportunity.

However, the mechanic was able to rely on his grandmother Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) to lead things at home.

Unfortunately for him, Evelyn abruptly left after a long-forgotten friend named Cath paid her a visit in the Street.

At the time of her departure, Evelyn made it clear she had no idea when she would be back.

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But he has no clue Evelyn left the cobbles to help her daughter and Tyrone's long-lost mother Cassandra (Claire Sweeney) get sober.

This week on ITV, a hopeful Tyrone leaves a message for Evelyn letting her know it is the girls’ show today at the Bistro and they would love her support.

It's later on very clear that Evelyn and Cassie are back and there to stay as, over at the precinct, the pair of women move into a rented flat.

Evelyn gets Tyrone's message soon after but she tells Cassie she won’t be going as she can’t leave her on her own out of fear she will relapse behind her back.

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But Cassie has other plans and convinces Evelyn to let her go out to grab a coffee as she has been clean for weeks and is bored.

When Evelyn spots her purse is missing she fears the worst – could Cassie be up to her old tricks?

Meanwhile Cassie has arrived at the Bistro where Tyrone recognises her as Cath and wonders if she’s heard anything from Evelyn.

A breathless Evelyn hurries into the Bistro, just in time to hear Cassie reveal to Tyrone that she’s his mother.

While Tyrone's initial reaction remains to be seen, in later scenes, his daughters Hope and Ruby are excited to know more about their new grandmother, wondering when they can meet her.

Meanwhile, Evelyn lambasts Cassie for the terrible mess she has created.

Evelyn calls at the garage and tries to make things right with her grandson by assuring him she was only trying to protect him and her plan was to tell him the truth once she could be sure Cassie was clean. 

Tyrone turns to the only people he can and pours his heart out to Kevin and Abi Webster (Michael Le Vell and Sally Carman). 

Abi advises him to think long and hard before introducing a recovering drug addict into the girls’ lives.

Tyrone later calls at the flat in the precinct – but what has he decided?

The mechanic had a difficult upbringing as he was led to believe his mother was dead.

Could Cassie reveal more than he expected when coming clean about who she really is?

What other secrets is she keeping?

2. Former flame hatches plan

Cassie isn't the only character viewers are suspecting is up to no good.

Brewery heir Henry Newton recently came back to the cobbles after years of absence, igniting fears he may come after Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

Gemma and her husband Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) have been struggling financially to provide for their family, particularly for their quadruplets.

In an attempt to make some extra cash, Gemma agreed to be a child-minder for multiple residents in the cobbles.

Unfortunately, Gemma was soon burned out by her gruelling routine at home, as a mother and child-minder, and behind the Rovers Return bar.

In recent scenes, Rita Tanner recommended her some antidepressants.

But things took a dangerous turn when Bertie Osbourne got a hold of them while Gemma was asleep and was taken to hospital as a result.

Things went from bad to worse when the Rovers was thrown into peril, forcing Gemma to think about the future and a new job.

And with her former boyfriend Henry Newton (George Banks) back in Weatherfield, things just seemed to be perfectly aligned for her to move on to her next professional endeavour.

However, Chesney has been left anxious by the idea of letting Gemma work for Henry as he feared the brewery heir may try to cause trouble within their marriage.

Despite this, Chesney decides to support his other half.

Coming up, Chesney presents Gemma with a furry notebook and matching pen for her first day in the new job.

Gemma arrives for the Newton & Ridley board meeting. 

While Henry does his best to put her at her ease, Philip makes his disapproval of her obvious.

Later on, Gemma calls at the Rovers and admits to Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) that it’s been a tough day.

Has she blown her chances?

Could Henry be working against her and cause her more trouble in future?

3. Dangerous villain killed off

Stephen (portrayed by Todd Boyce) claimed a third victim in the cobbles earlier this year after drowning Rufus Donahue in his own pool.

And while the death has been somewhat discarded as a simple accident, Rufus' wife Lou is convinced there is more to his demise than meets the eye.

Her suspicions seemed to be confirmed when she claims to find a tie pin that never belonged to Rufus – and Stephen is horrified to realise it was his own.

Coming up, the truth is seconds from being exposed as Lou arrives for a meeting.

She immediately lets Carla Connor (Alison King) and Stephen know that the police have agreed to look into the strange tie pin and into Rufus' missing watch which was actually pawned off by Peter Barlow.

Stephen is worried and steals Lou's hotel key from her bag.

However, he then overhears Peter (Chris Gascoyne) on the call to the pawnbroker who took Rufus' watch.

At the time of the pawn, the cabbie was looking to gather fund for Carla Connor's stay in rehab after she seemingly suffered a psychotic relapse.

Peter is overwhelmed, believing he may be in huge trouble and he confesses to Stephen that he pawned the watch which has been sold away.

Later on, Stephen lets himself into Lou’s hotel room whilst she is at the factory and rifles through her belongings.

He finds his tie pin and pops it in his pocket, but as he makes to leave, he’s horrified to hear someone at the bedroom door.

Who could it be?

Will he be caught?

Viewers will have to wait and find out but, as they do, actor Todd Boyce shared a theory concerning his character's future.

According to him, there is no way Stephen will make it out of the cobbles alive.

Speaking to Inside Soap, he revealed why he believes Stephen's last scenes will involve him being killed off, 27 years after his first ever appearance in the Manchester-based drama.

"I share a dressing room with Dan Brocklebank [aka Billy Mayhew] who is just so much fun and so wonderful", he revealed.

"He tells me that everyone who’s sat in my chair, their character has died! So it’s a bit of a haunted chair. Dan has been in the show for 10 years, so that’s a bit scary!"


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4. Exit sealed

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) may not be in the spotlight this week but fans are certain she's on her way out.

Sarah's marriage with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) took a turn after he found out Damon Hay was the father of her unborn baby.

To top it all off, Sarah had a miscarriage and life in Weatherfield is looking bleaker by the minute for the Underworld PA.

This has led soap fans to question whether she may leave or take a break with her son Harry.

And one major return seems to confirm their theory.

5. Fan favourite returns with a mission

Lucy Fallon has been confirmed to reprise her role as Sarah's daughter Bethany in upcoming months.

This has led viewers to think Sarah may leave Weatherfield to visit her while waiting for her divorce from Adam to be settled.

And with uncle Stephen wreaking havoc in the cobbles, soap fans are convinced the Platts will be ripped apart as soon as Bethany returns.

Sarah has relied on Stephen on numerous occasions, oblivious to the fact he's a full-blown serial killer.

But could Bethany be wiser than her mother and hold him at arm's length?

Sharing their theories online, many viewers have also speculated that Bethany could find an unlikely ally in the form of Damon Hay, who is also set to come back.

"Bethany returns out of concern for Audrey Roberts", one fan commented before adding: "Damon Hay secretly dates Sarah Barlow and acting as a good guy, secretly helps Bethany uncover Stephen’s financial misdeeds regarding Audrey’s property."

"But Sarah thinks he’s trying to date Bethany and flips out. OR Stephen gets his comeuppance in the form of a coordinated strategic attack."

Many other viewers are convinced they may be on to something.

"YOU HAVE CRACKED IT!", one of them responded, "Bethany to return would be such a vibe and would 100 percent expose Stephen."

Another added: "Bethany would 100 percent love to be the one to expose Stephen. I feel like she has always been the outcast Platt?"

"She'd return and notice that Audrey's finances were weird or a discrepancy in her property paperwork and start digging."

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Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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