Firefly Lane's Ben Lawson Says He’s ‘Excited’ About the Possibility of Season 2: 'I Hope There Will Be'

This post contains spoilers from Firefly Lane.

Ben Lawson hopes fans haven't seen the last of the Firefly Lane crew.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the new Netflix show, streaming now, the Australian actor says he's "excited" about the possibility of the series coming back for another season.

The 10-episode drama — based on Kristin Hannah's novel of the same name — follows Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke as Tully and Kate, respectively, who meet as teenagers and remain inseparable throughout 30 years of friendship.

Lawson stars as Johnny Ryan, who works with both Tully and Kate and plays an integral role in both of their lives.

The show, which debuted at No. 1 on Netflix when it dropped earlier this month, has continued to gain popularity, and Lawson says he hopes to keep the momentum going with another season.

"I hope there will be [a season 2]. I think the response has been largely positive," Lawson says. "I don't know what Netflix is thinking, but I hope they're as excited to do a season 2 as we all are."

Lawson, 41, says receiving such positive feedback about the show has been a "great surprise."

"I think a lifetime of being in showbiz just kind of means that my expectations are always very low, but this is about the best kind of reaction that we could have hoped for," he shares. "I know everyone in the cast and all the creators are just thrilled."

However, the Designated Survivor actor admits receiving "praise" for the show and his performance is a "very new experience" for him.

"You just kind of hope that something hits in any kind of way and I've been around a long time and done other things that never hit it at all," he explains. "So for me, this is just like, 'Oh wow, this is what it feels like when people watch your show and really respond positively.' "

As viewers of the show will recall, the series ended with Lawson's character involved in an explosion while on assignment in Iraq.

While Lawson says he doesn't know his character's fate — and he'll "probably be the last person to know" — he would "love for Johnny to survive the blast."

"I don't know where Johnny goes from here," he admits. "I don't think he goes back into TV producing, something that he doesn't love."

Regardless, the actor says he thinks his character would likely appear in a season 2 as the show takes place over different time periods.

Firefly Lane is streaming now on Netflix.

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