Farrah Abraham Calls Bristol Palin a 'Single White Female' as She Criticizes 'Inappropriate' Teen Mom Casting

If it were up to Farrah Abraham, new Teen Mom member Bristol Palin would not be on the show.

The former MTV star opened up about her opposition against Palin, calling the casting “inappropriate” and even referring to the daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as a “single white female.”

During an interview with SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show on Monday, Abraham accused Bristol of “following” in her footsteps.

“I’m just a little bit, that’s like white girl interrupted,” Abraham told host Jenny McCarthy before clarifying to “single white female,” she said, using a phrase synonymous with a woman who obsessively wants to become another.

“[Bristol] like moves to the same city as me, does the same things as me and I don’t know what that is but it’s a little scary. I don’t want any crazy stuff or people copying or following me or living where I live.”

As for why Bristol joining the MTV franchise is “inappropriate,” Abraham claimed MTV made an exception for the mother of three.

“I would say it’s not appropriate for both Bristol and the other woman who has joined,” she said, referring to season 8 Teen Mom: OG newcomer Cheyenne Floyd, who appeared on the network’s The Challenge: Rivals III. “I would say it’s inappropriate. When you’ve been watching a show and you know what it’s about, hovering around for so long, I don’t think that’s authentic to what the show is about.”

According to Abraham, both Palin and Floyd did not follow the protocol that other women had gone through to be cast.

“All of these women were asked, ‘Have you watched this show? Are you fans?’ If other women were found to be fans or have watched, they were not be allowed to be selected,” she said of previous applicants, even calling them “Teen Mom groupies” who “think they’re going to be famous from having kids.”

During the interview, Abraham accused Floyd of conceiving a child to be a Teen Mom cast member.

“I see that Cheyenne and this other person who has been on MTV definitely collaborated and had a child and knew that there had been a space opening to be on Teen Mom,” she said of Floyd and ex Cory Wharton. “Bristol, she’s been around. She’s been to public speaking engagements with Maci [Bookout] and I so I really feel like they’re in the same category of those women who were chosen not to be on the show because they were Teen Mom fans. That’s the reason why I say what I say. It’s kind of a sad case.”

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Abraham also claimed the franchise’s popularity has been sinking after her departure in January.

“Me leaving Teen Mom, the ratings went down,” she said. “I’m not shocked. … I really think I showed the best story I could of being a single mom through 16 and all those challenges and struggles.”

Though the MTV franchise was a significant part of her life (she was cast at age 16), Abraham no longer stays in touch with her former Teen Moms. “Sadly because of their jealousy or animosity … I turned my cheek and kept moving on,” she said. “Running forward is the best thing to do with Teen Mom. I wish them all well and with all their new kids and pregnancies and all those things that continue.”

In addition to Teen Mom, Abraham also spoke out about the reports she failed a drug test on Vivica A. Fox‘s new show Face the Truth.

“No, there’s nothing in my system. That was just really sad for me to see how they treated that,” she said about accusations she tested positive for barbiturates.

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