Ex on the Beach star James Moore battered pal in booze-fuelled rage after row over girlfriend

EX on the Beach star James Moore battered his pal in a booze-fuelled rage after a row over his girlfriend.

The 29-year-old had been playing drinking games with the friend and their partners when he flipped out.

Moore rugby tackled his pal and started battering him during the attack at his home in Blackpool in June last year.

He only stopped when his girlfriend began kicking him to make him get off.

Moore has now been convicted of assault at Blackpool Magistrates Court and was ordered to pay £714 in costs and fines.

The court was told the group were drinking together when Moore rowed with his girlfriend and stormed off.

The victim and his partner took Moore's tearful girlfriend back to their home and said she could sleep in the spare bedroom.

But Moore burst in through the back door and demanded to know why she was still there.


He was asked to leave but refused and launched into the savage attack on his mate.

Moore told the court he has suffered from mental health issues and has spent the last three weeks in rehab where he is on a recovery programme.

Sentencing him, District Judge Jane Goodwin said: “The evidence of the victim and his partner was compelling.

“You had a loss of temper and you went off to a party, which may have been the trigger to events. You were not invited into the victim’s home.

“This was a sad situation all round.”

Moore appeared on the fourth series of MTV's Ex On The Beach in 2016.

The joiner appeared in all eight episodes of the series, filmed in Portugal.

Ex On The Beach features singletons looking for love in a tropical location but then throws in their ex-partners to stir up drama.

The show has featured high-profile reality stars including TOWIE's Joey Essex and Geordie Shore stars Scotty T and Vicky Pattison.


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