Ex-Busted star James Bourne reveals his celeb crush and greatest fear as he launches solo career

James Bourne, 37, rose to fame in Busted and has just launched his solo career.

He talks to Fabulous Magazine and reveals his favourite word, worst habit and the possession he'd rescue from a burning building.

What scares you?

Swimming or surfing in the ocean and encountering a shark.

What is your favourite word?

Vibes. I want it on a neon sign that lights up in the night.

What is your worst habit?

There are a few! Probably not calling people back.

Who or what is the love of your life?

My girlfriend Emily, and music. 

Who would you invite to a dinner party?

Jim Carrey – I think that guy is on another level. Also Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Max Martin and Conor McGregor. 

What makes you angry?

When people are not seeing the bigger picture and just thinking about themselves. Also when people are not nice or polite.

All-time favourite movie?

Back To The Future. No question.

What was your favourite TV show as a child?

Diff’rent Strokes.

What possession would you rescue from a burning building?

I would come back for my gold Nash electric guitar. It’s brand-new and my favourite.

What is your biggest regret?

I just bought a house in Los Angeles and I wish I’d done it sooner.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

I would want to see how the pyramids were built, or who put the stones in Stonehenge.

What song would you have played at your funeral?

Man In The Mirror.  

Do you have a party trick?

I can move my hair without touching it.

What is the worst pain you’ve ever experienced?

A few years ago I had a wisdom tooth that needed to come out. It was a top one and the dentist was like: “I’ll take care of that”. He yanked it out and I was traumatised. If anyone ever says anything like that, say no and take the laughing gas. 

What has been your greatest achievement?

What I’m doing now. It’s a result of all my other achievements and I don’t think I would be in a position to be releasing my own stuff if all the other things hadn’t happened. But I’m in a really happy place because of it.

How do you relax?

I walk on the edge of the beach with my feet in the water. There’s a great walk on the Santa Monica Pier all the way to Venice Beach, where the sand meets the ocean.

What is top of your bucket list?

It would be fun to have some kids. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

It used to be Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears back in the day, when I was a teenager. I also went through a Megan Fox phase…

What are your best and worst qualities?

I can put people in a good mood quite easily, but sometimes I can be stubborn.

Most famous person on your phone? 

Ed Sheeran. Though I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a phone any more because he’s too famous.   

  • James Bourne’s album Safe Journey Home is out now.

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