Ewan McGregor considered smoking heroin with Danny Boyle on Trainspotting set

Ewan McGregor revealed he considered smoking heroin with Trainspotting director Danny Boyle during preparations for the film.

McGregor, who played addict Renton in the 1996 flick, said he was young and “just wanted to get f*cked up”.

But he said working with recovering addicts in Glasgow’s east end spiked the idea and he realised it would be “disrespectful”.

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McGregor said: “At first, early on, I thought: how can you play a heroin addict without having taken it?

“I was young and I thought, f**k it, just do it. And also John Hodge, our writer, was a doctor, so I thought he could probably get us some and administer it so we don’t die.

“I thought I’d do it with Danny. I just wanted to get f**ked up with Danny. But we didn’t.

“Because of course as soon as we started the first thing I remember doing was meeting heroin addicts in Glasgow.”

McGregor recently brought up his consideration with the SmartLess podcast, hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, and it was also in the Hollywood Reporter.

He said: “We went up to Glasgow and we worked with this group of recovering addicts called the Calton Athletic Club.

“They have soccer teams and they have five-a-side competitions.

“They kicked our a***.

“I didn’t do heroin and I’ve never done it but I did think about it.

“It did cross my mind and I did say to Danny, ‘Do you think we should do it?’”But it just really became apparent that that was a really disrespectful idea to the people we were working with.”


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