Emmerdale’s Leyla actress Roxy Shahidi says she and co-star Jonny McPherson love winding each other up

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Emmerdale’s Leyla and Liam might be preparing to tie the knot on screen, but actress Roxy Shahidi has revealed that behind-the-scenes she and her co-star Jonny McPherson couldn’t be more different.

Opening up about their friendship and the banter between them, Roxy, 38, explains that the pair constantly wind each other up and poke fun at one another.

She laughed: “He goes on about how I don’t know anyone famous from beyond the noughties.”

Roxy added: “There was a line in the script about Margot Robbie and I said, “Is she in Emmerdale?” which he thought was hilarious.”

“But I don’t watch a lot of TV or spend hours on social media. I’m happy with a bit of Santana or Madonna on my Spotify, and Eminem’s 8 Mile changed my life.”

However, the actress continued that she can give as good as she gets and regularly winds him up too.

She continued: “Jonny lives on a narrow boat and talks about it all the time. He didn’t have heating for a year and I said, ‘Why don’t you live in a house?’”

Roxy also spoke about her relationships with her other co-stars, explaining she’s trying to get the rest of the cast to share her love of yoga.

The star joked: “I have planted yoga mats all over the Emmerdale set! Me and Amy Walsh, who plays Tracy, are always doing yoga together.”

She continued: “Basically, if any of the girls end up getting locked in a dressing room with me, they end up doing yoga.”

“Sadly though, because of Covid restrictions, we’re not sharing dressing rooms at the moment.”

But despite not being in close proximity to one another due to filming regulations, Roxy says that she couldn’t be closer to her cast mates, who she's come to think of as family.

Singing their praises, Roxy said: “I almost enjoy it now more than I did before because as you grow older, your relationships with people grow.”

“I know it sounds cheesy, but Emmerdale is like family. Since coming back after maternity leave [Roxy had her daughter in 2018], I’ve just had such a lovely time.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV

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