Emmerdale's Jimmy explodes at Nicola in huge 'climax'

Emmerdale’s Jimmy King (Nick Miles) is left seething with wife Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) when he gets wind of her betrayal.

Jimmy has been struggling in the wake of the crash, which saw Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) perish.

‘He is at his lowest ebb,’ explains actor Nick Miles. ‘He’s having to spend all his money on legal fees to fight for custody, and of course the crash has thrown up lots of worries – and ghosts from the past!’

The stalwart of the ITV soap is struggling to cope with the fact that he’s responsible for a man’s death. The other residents of the village, however, have no animosity towards him, given that Paul was a violent abuser.

‘[Everyone] is so disgusted to find out what Paul was like,’ Nick continued, ‘so they’re actually quite supportive of Jimmy. He himself is unable to accept that.

‘He doesn’t care that Paul was awful – to him that doesn’t matter. The point is that he’s taken a human life. He’s feeling really bad about it.

‘Jimmy wants to be punished. He wants to go to prison.’

Jimmy – in spite of his desire to be punished – is taken aback next week, when a trip to the police station results in him being charged with death by dangerous driving!

‘That is a bit of a shock!’, Nick told us. ‘It’s the shock that this is real – it’s not just in his head anymore. This is real. He’s worried he’s going to lose his kids!’

In addition to the crash, Jimmy has been embroiled in heated custody battle with Juliette Holliday (Amelia Curtis), who recently returned to the eponymous village in order to get to know son Carl.

She went about doing so in an underhanded fashion, as she schemed and manipulated her way into the little lad’s life, all the while trying to sabotage Jimmy’s business opportunities to leave him out of pocket for their inevitable court case.

Nicola, desperate to get as much cash as possible ahead of not one but two court cases, has teamed up with Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), and next week she wants to sell half of the haulage business to Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins)!

”Nicola reacts in an underhanded way that Jimmy doesn’t know about,’ Nick continued, ‘She basically turns towards the dark arts! She’s tying to get finances in place for all their troubles.

‘Jimmy discovers [what Nicola has done] in a conversation in the Woolpack with Mandy. Mandy blurts it out accidentally and doesn’t know that Jimmy doesn’t know. Jimmy becomes furious. This is the last straw – as far as he’s concerned – in his relationship with Nicola!’

Yes, Jimmy is livid with his wife for going behind his back in such an underhanded way – despite her good intentions. A showdown of epic proportions therefore ensues, as he confronts Nicola over the betrayal.

‘The director asked me – after we’d done the line reading – if I could turn this one up to 11!’ laughed Nick. ‘This is absolutely the climax of Jimmy’s distress.

‘He discovered he’s probably going to go to prison, and then Juliette just waltzes in right into their living room while he’s in the middle of a row, and that’s just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He loses it completely – he’s literally screaming at her in the street!

‘The fact that Nicola has once again gone behind his back knowing he wouldn’t have wanted any involvement with Charity is just awful for him.’

To make things more complicated for the Emmerdale legend, his son Carl witnesses his dramatic outburst from the window above – leaving the little lad upset.

‘He doesn’t know Carl is watching him,’ soap star Nick explained. ‘But he soon becomes aware that Carl has become traumatised, and that makes matters even worse!’

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