Emmerdale spoilers tease Chas ‘exposed’, Vinny heartache and Cain hides secret

Things are about to get hot and steamy in Emmerdale as certain revelations are about to be exposed.

Next week, Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Chas Dingle begins to realise that her current family setup isn't so bad after all, as her husband Paddy pulls out all the stops to make her feel important.

But amongst all the niceties, Belle Dingle is left devastated when Chas admits to her that she was sleeping with Al Chapman the evening her mother Faith passed away.

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Will Belle decide to protect her secret?

Elsewhere, Cain Dingle is desperate to hide the fact that his son a murderer as he continues to do time in prison.

And Vinny Dingle apologises after lashing out at his mother following the death of his wife Liv.

Chas affair 'exposed'

Chas is consumed with emotion when she finds some of Faith’s old possessions but as she is supported by Paddy, Chas is grateful for her family as she and Eve together decorate the Christmas tree.

Later on, a family dinner with Rhona and Marlon leaves Chas feeling more in love and grateful for Paddy and Eve than ever before.

Following a wholesome afternoon with Paddy and Eve, Chas is finally ready to put her affair with Al in the past and appreciate her family and everything she has.

Not before long an utterly loved-up Paddy surprises Chas with a gift.

Grateful for his continuous support, Chas is privately ashamed she nearly left her husband for Al.

Meanwhile, Chloe tells Belle that Al took someone out to dinner the night Faith died and the penny drops for Belle who realises Chas never actually ended her affair with Al.

Later on in the week, Belle confronts Chas about being at Westgrove Hall Hotel with Al the night Faith died. Cornered, Chas is unable to deny the affair any longer.

When Belle suggests that her affair may be the reason Cain killed Al, Chas wonders whether to admit to believing this theory too.

After her unexpected revelation, Chas is manic with fear, terrified Belle will tell the rest of the Dingle clan.

Meanwhile back in the pub, Chas is delighted to hear Paddy’s booked them a surprise getaway.

But Belle is emotional regarding Chas' actions and breaks down in front of Moira admitting what she knows.

Moira feels furious and begins to put two and two together over Cain’s imprisonment and Al’s death.

The next day, Chas prepares for her trip away with Paddy. Relieved they are both getting away from it all. But are they?

Cain hides secret

After knowing what he knows, Matty does his best to try and persuade Moira and Amy to go to the police.

When Kyle insists he can’t go to school because he longs for his dad, Amy and Moira’s concerns over his state of mind escalate.

Desperate to settle his anxiousness, Amy negotiates with Kyle: if he goes to school, she’ll ask if Cain will see him.

Moira’s frustrated that their united front to keep the murder under wraps is starting to crumble.

A while later, Amy and Moira discuss the concerns about letting Kyle visit his dad Cain and The next day Kyle’s excited when he realises he can finally visit his dad.

A concerned Matty continues to push for them to get Kyle professional help and Moira and Amy worry he might be right. But unbeknownst to them, Kyle has overheard their entire conversation.

In the prison visitor's room, riddled with guilt, Kyle breaks down when he finally gets to see Cain.

When Kyle struggles to contain his emotions, Amy and Cain worry he will reveal their secret and Cain begins to worry if it was a good idea for him to have visited.

Vinny's battle

Vinny has been struggling with the loss of his wife Liv and has been lashing out at his family.

But next week, Mandy is left horrified to find Vinny battered and bruised.

Seeing her reaction, Vinny apologises to Mandy for his recent behaviour towards her and others. Noticing that her son is struggling, Mandy offers Vinny a room at the Dingles.

While moving into the Dingles, Mandy suggests renting Mill rather than selling it.


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