Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate turns on son Jamie as he reveals plans to reunite with ex Andrea

KIM Tate will turn on son Jamie this Christmas as he reveals plans to reunite with ex Andrea.

The Queen of Home Farm departed earlier this year after Andrea threatened to report Jamie to the police for the hit-and-run if she didn’t scarper. 

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Upcoming scenes in the countdown to Christmas will see Jamie return home to find Home Farm in a state thanks to his new security guard Mackenzie. 

An angry Kim tells him he’s turned the family into a laughing stock and that he better clean the place up. 

Later, Andrea is left raging when Kim tells Milly she has a special Christmas plan in store for her. 

When Millie comes over for Christmas Eve, Jamie and Kim are moved by the sight of her opening her presents. 

Jamie eventually manages to talk Andea around to the idea of letting Millie spend part of Christmas day at Home Farm. 

Later, Kim is stunned when a smug Jamie reveals he’s suggested he and Andrea get back together. 

But is Andrea on board?

Speaking about her return, Claire King – who plays Kim in the ITV soap – teased that her character will be having a mystery affair that should have started six months ago. 

Speaking to The Sun, Claire revealed: “This came along six months ago when we were going to start the storyline but obviously we got a tad interrupted.

“I think the audience are going to be a bit blindsided because they won’t see it coming – it’s a bit off-piste. 

“It’ll be carnage Kim back again because she wants to sort Andrea out, Belle out and she’ll just be like a whirling dervish going through the house unless she gets a little distracted with her new affair.

“I’m going to be intrigued to see how they actually do an affair from the start with social distancing.”

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