Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate forces Dawn into sleeping with him to save her job – and tricks Will into finding them

JAMIE Tate forces Dawn Taylor into sleeping with him to save her job next week in Emmerdale. 

The Tate tyrant – who is played by Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – will lure Dawn’s dad Will Taylor to the house and trick him into finding them.

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Viewers know that Will and Jamie locked horns after the mechanic refused to service his car, claiming it would be against his boss Cain Dingle’s wishes. 

Jamie was further irritated when he discovered Will and his ex wife Andrea had struck up a bond after the mechanic agreed to take care of a leak in her home and keep an eye on her daughter Millie.

Knowing her employer Jamie would use any excuse to fire her, Dawn begged her dad to keep away from Jamie and his ex.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Jamie snoop around in Dawn’s locker, but find nothing of interest. 

When Jamie tells Dawn that he saw her meeting with her dealer, and that she’s sacked, Dawn admits the man was an old client. 

She goes on to tell Jamie that she hasn’t been doing drugs, but has been earning some money by sleeping with clients. 

He’s shocked when she offers to sleep with him as well if it’ll keep him quiet. 

The next day, Dawn flirts with Jamie, but they’re interrupted when a furious Will bursts in and warns Jamie to stay away from Dawn. 

Dawn worries her dad has only made things worse and begs him to apologise. 

He eventually does and Jamie agrees to think about not pressing charges. 

Later, Jamie takes Dawn up on her offer, before telling Mackenzie to get Will up to the house. 

Is he hoping the mechanic will walk in on him and Dawn?

If so, how will he react?

Actor Alexander Lincoln hinted that viewers will be seeing a much darker side to his character back in July.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Alexander said: "With Jamie, I've had a huge scope of things to play with. He's been very combative towards his mum, but has then gone back underneath her wing.

"There's also been some really emotional scenes in the love triangle with Belle and Andrea, and having his daughter Millie around.

"In fact, in the coming weeks and months, it gets even more so, which is great."

Speaking about whether there’s a Tate streak in Jamie, Alexander added: "Jamie has tried and tried to stay away from the Tate line and the Tate way of living. But essentially he feels like he's been cornered with every choice that he's made. Every choice he's made has blown up in his face.”

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