Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster convinces Rhona to move to France as Kim Tate lures them away from the village

EMMERDALE’s Graham Foster convinces Rhona Goskirk to move to France as Kim Tate plans her revenge.

Blonde baddie Kim is on the warpath after Graham revealed he’s Millie’s biological father and in upcoming scenes he attempts to make his escape.

Emmerdale fans know that Kim and Graham are in the midst of a long-running feud after he rejected her for Rhona.

Kim has since publicly dropped the bombshell that she married him before going to prison to give him control over her business empire – and Graham hit back by telling her he’s convinced he’s Millie’s real dad.

Graham was furious after Rhona told him she wanted nothing to do with his toxic love life and stormed out of the Woolpack where Kim had made the announcement.

The brooding bodyguard then threatened to expose his secret one-off one-night stand with Andrea and rip Kim’s son Jamie’s family to shreds.

In an upcoming episode, Graham is worried he’s losing Rhona who’s now determined to make her own decision about Noel’s job offer in Bergerac.

However, Rhona softens after Graham reveals he’s enrolled Leo in a football club.

The pair later share a tender moment where they confess they love each other.

Rhona decides to accept the job offer and they plan to leave Emmerdale for pastures new.

But with Kim hot at his heels, will Graham make it out of the village in one piece?

The Sun Online exclusively revealed this week that Graham will be brutally killed in a hard-hitting storyline as he tries to leave the village.

There will be multiple suspects in the story that is set to run long into 2020.

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