Emmerdale spoilers for today, April 10 2023

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, Rhona (Zoe Henry)’s set to celebrate her birthday with lunch in the Woolpack – but things don’t quite go as she had planned.

Her mind is still firmly on the baby situation with her ex Gus (Alan McKenna), and his request for her to give up her frozen embryos to him and his wife.

The family is left mortified when Gus shows up and introduces his wife Lucy, leaving Rhona taken aback and unsure of how to respond as she is forced to stare into the face of a woman desperate to be a mother and whose future is in her hands.

It’s left to Mary (Louise Jameson) to step in and confront the pair of them, with Gus and Lucy leaving the gathering totally crushed, and Rhona is far from happy with Mary’s intervention.

Marlon (Mark Charnock) reassures her that this is her choice and he will support her whatever decision she makes.

However, her mind is made up when she steps outside for some fresh air and sees Gus comforting a distraught Lucy.

She later reveals she has decided to let the couple use her embryos, and has already given them the good news – with Marlon cautiously supportive but Mary shocked by Rhona’s decision.

Elsewhere in the episode, Caleb (William Ash) – having recently dropped the bombshell that Frank Tate was his father – purposely hears Kim (Claire King) and Will discussing hiding money in the family businesses.

Kim attempts to assuage Caleb as he pretends to be troubled about their shared assets, and later offers to transfer the funds via some indirect means – which allows Caleb to buy everything in this name.

Caleb pretends to mull the offer over before agreeing to it – clearly finding all of this business way too easy.

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