Emmerdale Leyla horrified as she discovers she’s expecting grieving Liam’s baby

Leanna Cavanagh's untimely death in Emmerdale continues to cause tension with her father Liam Cavanagh and his new wife Leyla's relationship and the couples woes seems to have trickled down to Jacob Gallagher too.

While in the shop, Jacob suggests to Leyla that he is thinking about dropping his A levels, but as he continues to talk about it, Leyla appears to be distracted.

As Jacob continues to divulge into his thoughts regarding his education, Leyla steals a pregnancy test from the shop and places it in her bag.

Later on, Leyla takes the test and is shocked to find out that it is positive. Lost in her thoughts, Leyla tries her best to hide the test when her husband Liam arrives.

Leyla decides to withhold her baby news from Liam and hopes that when she does decide to disclose it to him, he'll be overjoyed.

Elsewhere, Liam and Jacob decide to mend their broken relationship and heal their differences. Jacob also appears to be grateful for Liam's support when they finally find common ground.

Later on, Leyla meets up with Liam and is ready to tell him her joyous news, but she quickly decides to holdback on the information when Liam mentions that he can't cope with surprises at the moment.

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Meanwhile, after noticing that Leyla was behaving slightly out of character, Jacob tells Priya Sharma that he feels worried and concerned about her.

Priya also becomes troubled by what Jacob tells her and decides to check on Leyla later on. But Priya is lost for words when she finds out that Leyla is pregnant.

But Leyla begs Priya not to tell Liam as the bombshell might be too much for Liam to handle at the moment.

Leyla starts to become increasingly worried about her baby news as she fears that Liam may not be acceptant of his unborn child.

She also fears that the shock of having a baby right now could ruin her marriage with Liam.

Will Leyla have the courage to finally spill the beans?

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