Emmerdale fans terrified for baby Johnny’s life as Pierce disappears into his room to punish kidnapped Vanessa – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans are terrified for baby Johnny's life as Pierce disappears into his room to punish Vanessa – who he had kidnapped.

The convicted rapist has taken Vanessa hostage so that she doesn't ruin his reunion plans with ex-wife Rhona.

He has kept her tied up on the stairs of Laurel's house – who is in Australia for a funeral – over night as he plans how to get Rhona away from the village.

The villain has been placating Johnny whenever he's upset, with Vanessa hearing everything on the baby monitor.

Two opportunities presented themselves to Vanessa to escape – the first being when she heard her sister Michelle walking the dog outside the house.

She screamed as hard as she could, until Pierce managed to intimidate her into being quiet.

Pierce told her she "couldn't be trusted", and moved her into the kitchen.

The second time, she managed to wriggle her way out of her bonds, grab a knife, and go save her son.

But he jumped out of the shadows, capturing her once more. He then sent a text to Charity telling her Vanessa had gone away to Spain in the hope she would stop looking.

Evil Pierce says: "I was trying to be a nice guy and you just wouldn't let me, would you? Now I've got to do this."

Vanessa bites back: "You touch one hair on that boy's head and I will end you.

Pierce gets up, saying: "It's all your fault, you're the one making me do this." He makes his way upstairs and tells the young boy with a sinister voice: "Hey chap, let's just turn this off shall we."

Fans are terrified about the boy, with one person saying: ""You touch one hair one that boy's head & I will end you" NOOO Pierce, better NOT hurt poor little Johnny #Emmerdale 😡"

A second added: "I wanted to jump through my tv and smash Pierce over the head with a frying pan. Poor Johnny. #Emmerdale"

A third questioned: "Would Pierce really hurt Johnny or is he just saying it to try & control Vanessa (Which doesn't make sense as if he hurts her son then shes just gonna want to kill him soooo 🤷🏽) #Emmerdale"

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