Emmerdale fans spot age blunder proving Mackenzie can't be Moira's brother

EMMERDALE fans have spotted a blunder with Mackenzie that means he can't be Moira Barton's brother.

The hunky conman – who is played by 29 year old actor Lawrence Robb in the ITV soap – recently said he was the same age as Moira's stepson Kyle, 9, when he last saw Moira.

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But with Moira recently celebrating her 49th birthday, that would make Mackenzie at least 40 himself.

And fans think it's proof that he isn't really Moira's brother or that soap bosses have made a huge blunder.

One wrote: "The age gap is baffling me too.

"He was about the same age Kyle currently is when Moira left. So around 9… Moira left when she was 18. She is now 49."

A second said: "He’s not meant to be 40 and we’re not meant to be able to add up lol.

"Moira recently turned 49 and she claims she was 18 when she left and Mack was around 9… but don’t do the maths and just carry on pretending it’s not nonsensical."

Another said: "Most likely a case of the writers cooking up an 'interesting' backstory for a new character and shoehorning it into Moira's background, hoping no one will pay too much attention to the details."

However, Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson previously revealed there will be a dark secret to come out about the family – down the line.

Speaking in October, she said: "We've got Moira’s brother Mackenzie arriving and of course he is coming with a secret, that you think that you are going to find out, and then there is going to be another revelation a little further down the line."

Could he be Moira's secret son?

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