Emmerdale fans predict Meena is hiding in the village after Dawn computer clue

Emmerdale fans have predicted that Meena Jutla is already hiding in the village, after a clue about Dawn’s computer.

Spoilers for next week’s episodes of the hit ITV soap confirm the return of Meena to the Dales, as the final showdown is set to take place on Valentine’s Day at Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher’s wedding.

In Tuesday’s episode, Dawn got home and recounted to Billy about a strange event that happened at work, where she noticed the computer on her desk was turned on, when she was sure she switched it off.

Billy reassured her that it could just be a mistake, either she forgot or one of the other vets turned it on. Either way, they both agreed in the end it was not anything sinister.

However, ITV viewers are not convinced. Instead, they believe that this is a sign that Meena is already in the village and snooping on Dawn’s life.

One fan took to Twitter and penned: “Oooh Meena must be in town messing with Dawn!”

As another soap fan tweeted: “Meena’s at it again. Messing with the computers #Emmerdale.”

“Bet it’s Meena messing with Dawn at the vets & watching her #Emmerdale” a third added, as another echoed: “Meena is obviously messing with Dawn’s PC. Her cloak of invisibility is still working it seems.”

Meena’s highly-anticipated return comes after she escaped Dr Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) after he worked out that she was the one keeping Vinny Dingle and Manpreet Sharma hostage.

At the time, bosses teased that this wouldn’t be the end of the tumultuous story-line of the serial killer, and Meena’s set for an explosive return next week.

In a spoiler clip for next week’s episode, Meena can be seen holding Billy and Dawn at gun point to play a game with her as she attempts to destroy their wedding.

Olivia Bromley, who plays Dawn, spoke to The Mirror about the exciting episode: "Meena wants Billy to choose one of them to be shot and she drags this out in a dramatic fashion to make it as painful as possible.”

"I think she just wants to cause maximum psychological pain.

"Rather than just disposing of both of them, she wants both of them to suffer – particularly Billy. I think because he's rejected her in the past and it seems to be the more game element of it for her, the better.

“So this is not a quick revenge thing, this is torture and the way it plays out is her having the control and power over these two characters."

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