Emmerdale fans fume at Charles as they say he’s ‘taken killer Meena’s side’

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Emmerdale vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) left soap fans fuming when he decided to help out serial killer Meena on her quest for "redemption".

A desperate Meena (Paige Sandhu) called Charles from prison after being charged with a number of murders and other crimes.

She begged him not to dismiss her alleged religious mission to repent for her sins and achieve "forgiveness".

Charles was hesitant to visit her in jail and knew it was dangerous – with his new flame Manpreet saying there was "no hope" for her sister.

However, he decided to see the serial killer and told her she needed to confess her crimes – seeking justice for his late girlfriend Andrea who Meena brutally killed.

However, manipulative Meena was up to her tricks once more and tormented him from behind bars.

Friday's episode (February 25) of the ITV soap saw Charles suggest he believed Meena was seeking redemption, but fans slammed the vicar as they thought he was taking Meena's side over Manpreet's, or falling for her lies.

One fan wrote: "Charles being more inclined to side with a serial killer over his love, silly man"

Another said:" Charles you really are such an idiot"

A third commented: "I think Charles is under Meena's spell, no hope for him now…"

A fourth penned: "Charles that is your ego talking. Helping someone get redemption, that is quite a big deal isn't it."

A fifth added: "Charles can't seriously be falling for Meena's lies. He really is such an idiot"

In Friday's episode, Charles spoke to his good pal Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton), who was clearly concerned for Charles as she felt Meena was playing games with him.

Charles told Harriet: "She [Meena] says I'm the only one that can help her. The only one that can understand."

A suspicious Harriet replied: "Oh, so her redemption is your responsibility, is it? She's good…"

When Harriet asked him : "Can you really believe anything that comes out of that Meena's mouth?", to which he admitted: "Honestly, I don't know anymore."

Manpreet spots Charles and Harriet by the church and asks if he's coming with her to get coffee, which he agrees to.

However, it's clear Charles is troubled by the situation, which could isolate him from his new lady.

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