Emmerdale boss reveals Meena alternate ending which would have changed loads

Emmerdale’s producer has said that murderous Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) story could have ended up with an entirely different conclusion.

Serial killer Meena is currently languishing in prison after finally being caught out for her many, many crimes. She spent several months wreaking horror on the village, brutally taking three lives as well as kidnapping four others.

And those are just the offences we saw on-screen, as we now know that Meena also killed her father, as well as former friend Nadine Butler. These revelations came amid a shocking showdown between Meena and sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) after the guilty verdict.

Now Kate Brooks, one of the producers behind the captivating plot, tells Metro.co.uk and other media that another outcome did spring to mind.

Asked whether she and the team were ever tempted to let Meena get away with everything she’s done, Kate replies: ‘Yes, she has given us so much storyline recently that of course there is always that temptation to let her get away with it.’

Indeed, Meena’s presence has gripped fans across the nation, so delivering a controversial verdict may have given way to more compelling twists. But Kate is all too aware that there was a responsibility to handle this dark plot in the right way.


‘Both Paige and Rebecca touched on it earlier, but a person who is capable of such heinous crimes and has no remorse can’t stay long in the village; they can’t continue on that path because there is nowhere else for her to go,’ she explains.

It isn’t all about Meena, either, as Kate notes that the villain’s exit needed to allow her victims to move forward.

‘We knew that we needed to draw a line under it, not just for the viewers but for our characters who are left, they need justice and need for Meena to be punished for her crimes.

‘If they don’t get the closure then there is no way to move them on as characters, so we knew that we had to let Meena’s fate rest in the hands of the soap Gods; and so I hope people will be very satisfied with what she gets.’

With Meena’s final scenes just around the corner, we’re sure you’ll agree with that sentiment.

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