Ed Sheeran Recalls Being Turned Down From ‘Britannia High’ by Arlene Phillips

Sharing the story, the ‘Perfect’ hitmaker claims that despite his confidence over his audition, he overheard the former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judge dismiss him almost immediately.

AceShowbizEd Sheeran was rejected from TV show “Britannia High” because of his inept dancing. The superstar auditioned for the musical drama series when he was 16, but choreographer Arlene Phillips turned him down.

“This was a TV show I did for ITV when I was 16 and it was a show where you had to be a triple threat. You had to be able to act, dance and sing – two of which I couldn’t do,” he said. “There is a girl who was at my high school and she was an incredible dancer. She taught me this dance which looked amazing when she did it…so I just copied what she did.”

But for Ed – who went on to earn a multi-million-pound fortune as a singer-songwriter – things did not go to plan and despite his confidence, he overheard the former “Strictly Come Dancing” judge Arlene dismiss him almost immediately.

Speaking on Britain’s “The Jonathan Ross Show”, he said, “I walked out of the audition like ‘I think that went really well’ and then I saw Arlene Phillips go, ‘Not a chance.’ “

Footage of the failed audition has since resurfaced, in which a young Ed Sheeran can be seen reflecting on his dancing to the camera. He said, “I’m just trying to really get it in my head. I think I messed up as I got kicked in the face by accident.”

In the clip, Ed could be seen wearing a dark green top and jeans as he tried to deliver a routine to Justin Timberlake‘s “Like I Love You”. After being rejected, he shared his thoughts, “I don’t think anyone can say they didn’t want the part and weren’t hoping to get the part, everyone wanted it as much as the next person.”

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