EastEnders theory: Double exit as tragic twist destroys beloved couple

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Stuart Highway (played by Ricky Champ) was terrified about having surgery to operate on his cancer because he didn’t want to start taking painkillers again after his history with addiction. Wife Rainie (Tanya Franks) convinced the EastEnders undertaker they would cope with whatever happened. However, when baby Roland begins to miss out on being with his family due to Stuart’s struggles, Rainie might decide to leave. In a heartbreaking twist, Stuart could try to cope without painkillers and end up dying from health complications.

Official spoilers from the BBC soap confirm Stuart will receive a phone call from his doctor, who updates him on his condition.

Following this, Stuart decides to start taking painkillers. This suggests his health is probably dependent on easing the pain he’s been left with.

Once he has starts to take them though, Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) notices he is still making excuses not to hold Roland.

Could his addiction have been triggered by the strong pills?

In the laundrette, a stressed Rainie asks Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) to look after Roland as Stuart keeps avoiding the baby.

After confiding in Stuart about what’s going on, it’s likely Rainie could become concerned.

If she believes Stuart poses a safeguarding issue to Roland or could cause them to lose him to social services, she will be keen to get away.

Rainie might decide to leave Walford with the baby until Stuart’s relapse is over and put her trust in Vi to help with his journey to recovery.

Before he had the procedure, Stuart confided in Rainie about his concerns regarding the painkillers.

“What if I have this operation and then I have the painkillers after – what if I can’t stop?” he asked√What if I get addicted again?”

√ainie tried to reassure her husband√hat if we win the lottery tomorrow? What if we get hit by a bus? We can’t live our lives on what-if√

As Stuart tried to protest, his wife cut in: “No, listen – whatever happens, we face it together, okay?”

But despite this, Rainie might decide she needs to remove Roland from the picture while Stuart recovers.

After struggling for so long to become a mother and already losing Abi to Max Branning (Jake Wood), Rainie is probably willing to do whatever she can to ensure Roland is safe.

Could her exit be a tragic mistake though? 

Keen to get clean again, Stuart could decide the only way is to stop taking his painkillers but this could have devastating consequences.

However, if his doctors have recommended he take painkillers, Stuart probably needs them urgently so his health could deteriorate further, if he stops.

It’s possible he is in an extreme amount of pain and with the added stress of trying to avoid painkillers completely, the Walford local might suffer some kind of heart attack.

Perhaps he will become adamant he can cope with the pain, but the agony puts too much strain on his body.

The new dad could end up dying as a result of the pain he is in, which would undoubtedly leave Rainie heartbroken.

Could this tragedy spell the end of the Highways? With Rainie already away from the Square, she isn’t likely to want to return after losing her husband.

Vi might also make an exit after the tragedy, wanting to move on and perhaps track down her lost son.

After Roland was born, Rainie admitted she can never have “what she wants”.

She stated things always go wrong for her which could be foreshadowing of Stuart’s death.

The double exit would probably surprise viewers, who have come to support the struggling couple on their journey to parenthood.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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