EastEnders star reveals heartbreak as the end comes for Denise and Jack

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) knew she’d never live in a world where she could happily continue life with Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) in EastEnders and keep her affair with Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) a secret – it was always going to come out in the end.

Denise started to have her head turned by Ravi when Jack wasn’t really putting a lot of effort into their relationship. She felt neglected, and Ravi’s charm was the perfect distraction.

However, when they arrived at a hotel, Denise started to have doubts, eventually choosing to return home to Jack and their children, rather than sleep with Ravi.

Because Denise danced with Ravi, the aftermath was never going to be straight forward. He is now in a relationship with Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) and only began it to make Denise jealous.

As this tale gets even more complicated and messy, Denise gets backed into a corner and is left with no choice soon – she has to tell Jack everything and, according to Diane Parish, he is ‘blindsided’ by the bombshell.

‘What we’ve created as a little family unit in quite a short space of time has been so concentrated. We’ve had little moments on screen recently of the whole Fox-Branning unit and all the bricks that make that house – Patrick, Kim, Howie, Denzel, Amy, Ricky, Chelsea, Raymond, Jordan – there’s so many beautiful aspects to this family that Jack really felt he was holding together’, she explained.

‘He’s had a journey as a man on the Square, a bit of a player and somehow ended up with Denise Fox. The two of them have found each other at a mature part of their lives when they’re both ready to live a good life and get the kids through their teenage years and give Raymond a good childhood.

‘He’s got his job which he’s happy with and he had a plan for his family, but everything keeps going wrong. For Jack, all the bricks in that house just fall away and he cannot believe that the woman that represented that for him, who he kept calling his rock, actually wasn’t that at all. There is a look that he gave me in one of the scenes and it just broke my heart.’

So, after all the betrayal and lies, what does the future hold for this couple?

‘I wouldn’t like to say because I don’t know what I would do in this situation’, Diane teased.

‘Ultimately, something like this has to organically and naturally play out. The audience has been so invested and involved in this storyline, it’s really been split down the middle. Some people have said Denise is out of order and shouldn’t have done it and others are saying they don’t blame Denise as Jack hasn’t been treating her well.

‘It’s got a lot of conversation going which is great and I think that’s what EastEnders and our writers have done brilliantly. Not just our storyline but they’re talking about Stacey and her money problems, Suki and Eve too, for example. People are talking about these things and debating them on social media.

‘We’ve all got these really challenging and heightened stories so there really are no straight answers’, she added.

‘I’ve always said this – behind every front door is a problem. As people sit down with their dinner and watch the show, they have no idea what Jack and Denise are going to do.

‘They’ve got their own dynamic and their own reasons so they’re not a straight forward answer to that.’

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