EastEnders’ Stacey Slater left in shock while Peter Beale is horrified by sibling romance

Stacey Slater is set for yet another shock in EastEnders, as her stalker trauma continues, the show's spoilers have revealed.

Viewers are aware that Stacey's stalker is Theo Hawthorne, who is currently spending a lot of time with her, as he's teaching her pregnant daughter, Lilly – but Stacey has no idea.

In recent episodes, Theo has stepped up his bid to get Stacey all to himself, by getting rid of her best friend, Eve Unwin.

Eve has gone off the rails during those episodes, as the woman who killed her twin sister in a car crash came to find her and broke the news that on the night she killed her sister, she was drink driving.

When Eve struggled to come to terms with what had happened, Theo convinced Stacey to throw Eve out of her house.

Stacey agreed, and things only got worse for Eve, as she lost it and attacked Caz, but before she could do any serious damage Stacey and Suki stopped her.

Then Theo tried to talk Caz into going to the police, but Stacey managed to convince her not to, as it would send Eve straight back to prison.

Despite his plan failing, Theo was seen at the end of the episode looking menacing as he tried to work out his next move.

In tonight's instalment, Wednesday, 23 August, Stacey is left shocked when she returns home and finds her bedroom trashed.

How will she react to this latest move?

Elsewhere on the Square, Peter Beale spends the night on the sofa over at number 45, following his arrival back in Walford.

Peter promises Bobby that he will help him to turn the chippy into a success and stop Kathy Beale from selling it.

Instead of helping Bobby, Peter actually heads over to the Queen Vic to spy on his new sisters, Anna and Gina Knight.

As he does that, things go from bad to worse for Peter as Ben Mitchell arrives and gives him a mouthful for his actions in recent months.

It gets even worse for Peter as Gina tells him that Bobby is smitten with Anna, and as a result, Peter tries to stop the budding relationship between his two siblings.

Will Peter be able to keep it quiet about Cindy's daughters?

Finally, completing the dramatic episode, newcomer Anton gives Yolande Trueman an ultimatum for her to go to Birmingham with him and leave Patrick Trueman behind.

Who will Yolande choose?

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