EastEnders’ Kat Slater’s death sealed as she’s dragged into dangerous decision?

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Phil Mitchell’s (played by Steve McFadden) criminal past has finally caught up with him and he faces a long stint behind bars. Although Kat (Jessie Wallace) was devastated to lose him, she has been focusing on her children and trying to carry on with her life. Official EastEnders spoilers reveal Kat is set to receive a package relating to Phil’s imprisonment and after initial reluctance, she decides to help him. Will this move see the popular BBC soap character murdered by Phil’s enemies though?

Phil’s son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) was fuming when he found out his dad would be leaving his businesses to Kat.

In upcoming episodes, he makes it clear to Kat she will have to take responsibility of whatever Phil is arranging from prison.

Next week, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) is frustrated to realise Ben has failed to give her this month’s money for their daughter, Lexi (Isabella Brown).

Lola later confronts a guilt-ridden Ben, who promises to get her the money.

Ben pays a visit to Kat and informs her she needs to sign for a package and stash it for Phil.

Kat is reluctant to accept it, but Ben insists she needs to explaining it is her problem now.

Initially, she refuses the package but when she visits her fiancé later in prison, he pleads with her to take it and explains it’s about his safety while he’s inside.

Kat is persuaded to help him out and agrees to accept the mysterious package.

However, she is left horrified by what’s inside and ends up tracking down Ben.

She gives him a piece of her mind, accusing him of not being there for his dad.

At home, she hides the package away, but what could be inside?

As a long-term London criminal, Phil has several connections who might be able to provide him with what he needs while he’s in prison.

The contents could be anything, but it’s likely to be something that could spell danger for Kat while it’s in her possession.

Kat proposed to Phil despite knowing he would soon be behind bars.

With her commitment to him clear, she is probably willing to do anything she can to help him.

The engagement came as a shock to viewers, with Kat asking the big question seemingly out of nowhere.

During an argument with Phil, she said: “If you marry me, we could have [a happy ending].”

“What?” Phil asked, stunned. “What do you expect me to do, get down on one knee?”

Kat decided to make the gesture as she knelt down and officially proposed.

Could Kat, who’s been a soap favourite since 2000, be set to make a tragic exit from EastEnders?

With Phil seemingly out of the picture, she considered leaving Walford recently.

After deciding to stick around, she might come to regret that decision.

With the dodgy package at her home, it’s likely Phil’s dangerous enemies could track her down.

Wanting to fight for Phil, Kat will probably try to protect him.

Unwilling to hand over the package or admit she has it, she might be attacked.

Phil’s powerful enemies are probably ruthless, and with the package obviously containing something important, they may want to intercept it to ensure he doesn’t have an easy time in prison.

Will Phil’s dangerous antics end up getting Kat killed? Ben seemed unwilling to help out, so perhaps he knew of the risks involved, but will Kat realise before it’s too late?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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