EastEnders heartbreak for Tiffany Butcher as Keegan cheats when her lies exposed?

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The young husband and wife are both trying to launch a brand for Keegan’s (played by Zack Morris) catering career. Tiffany (Maisie Smith) wants to specialise in beauty but make it a joint venture with Keegan following his recent success. Things aren’t exactly running smoothly for the EastEnders “power couple” though, and Friday’s episode saw the two in a heated argument on the streets as Keegan discovered Tiffany had been lying to him. The BBC soap also saw Keegan distracted by a young woman before he received his award – will he cheat on Tiffany with her?

Tiffany has been left feeling insecure abut her appearance since she began trying to make a mark on the beauty industry.

Because of this, she decided to try out fillers, and was left skint.

Ahead of Keegan’s award ceremony on Friday’s episode, she decided once again to get fillers because she wanted to look good enough for the pictures that would be taken.

To make matters worse, she had also been insulted by Violet Highway (Gwen Taylor), who implied Keegan was too good for her.

She urged Keegan to go after someone more “exotic,” telling Tiffany: “No offence, you’re lovely if you like that sort of thing.”

Later, the self-conscious teen was glaring into the mirror as her husband excitedly got ready for the awards.

“Where are you going?” He asked as she went to leave. Tiffany answered: “Oh, I’ve got a facial.”

“What now? We haven’t got long,” the young chef replied.

“I know, but photos, Instagram – all of that. I need a facial,” she said, looking concerned.

Her husband tried to convince her she looked fine as she was, telling her: “No facial is going to make you look more beautiful than you already are,” but she didn’t listen, and instead left for the “facial” which in fact was an appointment to get more fillers.

Later, at the Walford’s Best Street Food awards, Keegan waited eagerly for Tiff to join him.

“Nice suit,” an unknown young woman standing behind him said. It turned out the woman was one of the organisers of the awards, and she seemed to have her eye on him throughout the rest of the ceremony.

“Is your wife not coming?” She asked pointedly as Keegan explained she was just running late.

Eyeing him up, the woman commented: “I know I shouldn’t be biased, but good luck.”

She added: “I’d eat your sandwiches any day.” Keegan looked flattered but confused, before being announced as the winner.


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At that moment Tiffany arrived, and Keegan thanked her sweetly in his acceptance speech.

But as they chatted afterwards he noticed her face had swelled up, and Tiffany lied she’d reacted to the facial before rushing out.

She ran into her sister Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) who was upset to learn what Tiffany had been doing and tried to convince her she didn’t need fillers.

She also urged her sister to be honest with Keegan. But when she did soon afterwards, Keegan was furious and felt betrayed.

“I just wanted to look my best,” she told a perplexed Keegan. When he quizzed her on the cost of the procedure, she admitted she spent £800 and had already bought some before for £400.

“You spent over a grand?” He raged. “Tiff, I’ve been standing on the stage telling people we’re a team, while you’re running out trying to impress your mates with selfies.”

“No, it’s not like that,” the 18-year-old pleaded, but Keegan cut her off.

“You know what? You did ruin my night, but I’m not going to let you ruin our future,” he yelled before running off.

A desperate Tiffany burst into tears, but where did Keegan go?

Would he be tempted to meet up with the mystery woman if she decided to call him?

Perhaps wanting to embrace his success, he might agree to meet her and, feeling furious with his wife, he might risk the relationship by having a fling with her.

It was obvious she was interested when she met him at the awards, and Keegan felt as though Tiffany had betrayed him, so maybe he was after revenge or simply got caught up in the moment.

The theory also fits in with the actors, as it’s been rumoured Tiffany actress Maisie is soon leaving the show towards the end of the year.

Keegan was already upset when he found out Tiffany knew about his sister’s Bernie Taylor’s (Clair Norris) surrogacy plans.

He doesn’t yet know Tiff has also been selling Bernie diet pills after being pressured by the youngster.

Could this, coupled with the other lies and Keegan’s potential affair, lead a heartbroken Tiffany to leave the Square?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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