EastEnders fans think they've solved Nancy Carter baby twist after suspicious hospital dash

EASTENDERS fans think they've solved the mystery behind Nancy Carter's suspicious dash to hospital.

Viewers watched on Tuesday night as Nancy, played by Maddy Hill, attempted to make the secret visit but was rumbled by her sister Frankie.

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Now fans of the BBC soap are convinced that the character is not only pregnant, but also hiding complications with her epilepsy.

Nancy has been acting mysteriously ever since her unexpected return to Walford earlier this month.

And last night she dropped the bombshell she was divorcing husband Tamwar and moving back home.

As her mum Linda went snooping for the truth, she found a bottle of CBD oil in her daughter's pocket and is now worried she's hiding a secret illness.

Speaking to husband Mick, Linda ranted: "She's in trouble Mick,. I know it, I can feel it. And even if it is all legal and above board – people take that for pain, right. So what's wrong with her?"

The episode then ended on a cliffhanger as Frankie entered the room to announce she'd seen Nancy go into the hosiptal.

One fan commented on Twitter: "So this mystery with Nancy it’s probably to do with her epilepsy related and she’s pregnant #EastEnders".

Another added: "The question is though, if Nancy is pregnant, why has that caused a divorce? Tam was never against having kids.

"Is it going to be a risky pregnancy or something? #EastEnders"

A third deduced: "Maybe Nancy's pregnant and tamwar doesn't want it.. or visa Vera #Eastenders".

While a fourth said: "Still think Nancy is pregnant, but is worried about her epilepsy, so is planning an abortion… #EastEnders".

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